An example of excellent customer service and salesmanship

I Just wanted to share with you an experience of excellent customer service that I have experienced when buying furniture.

I bought new couches from a company here in Canada. The salesman was very knowledgeable, personable and friendly. He didn’t exert any pressure, and there was a mistake he made in that he inadvertently showed us the wrong couch set which was actually more expensive than the one we initially wanted based on the internet flyer. We actually liked the expensive couch more, and bought it.

He didn’t do it on purpose and was very apologetic about it.

He gave us his business card, encouraged us to call if we had any questions. He was one of the best salesman I had the pleasure of dealing with.

We got our couches very quickly, in excellent condition. In the delivery window.

And what impressed me most was what happened after.

We had a full three days to inspect our couches to make sure that there was no damage. After that they callled to ask us if we were happy with everything. And today I received a handwritten card from the salesman thanking us for our purchase, apologizing for the comedy of errors. This card was handwritten!

I couldn’t believe, the support and care from start to finish.

Definitely something that all of us can implement in hadnling our customers.

I bet you would refer this sales guy in an instant, eh Mike. Certainly a good lesson in business. Thanks for posting this. :slight_smile:

That is something that i have been doing for yrs… I have had many compliments on those cards… Which in turns = $$$$$$

I liked this story - shows what happens sometimes when you exceed expectations.