An open letter to my job applicants

  1. This job opening is part-time, as stated in the add. If you want to be considered, do not indicate that you are looking for a full-time job on the application. I will not consider you for part-time work if I know you are going to perpetually be looking for a full-time job until you find one.

  2. The job post states that you must have reliable transportation and that you will be required to use your own car from time to time. If you don’t have a car, don’t apply. No, I don’t trust your brother to drop you off at each job site.

  3. Why do 1/3 of you have DWI convictions?

  4. When I email the application to you, don’t ask me to mail you one because “I don’t have a printer at home” or “I can’t open that file [PDF]”. If you want a job, download a PDF reader. If you want to be hired, get off your tail and go to Staples and print the doggone thing yourself. Show me some initiative.

  5. If I give you an email address to reply to for an application and specify “No calls please,” don’t call me asking how you can get an application. I mean come on. My phone number is not even listed in the ad. So you see the email address, follow it to the website, get my phone number, and ask how to get an application? Show me that you can follow my first instruction.

  6. When you attach a resume for a window cleaning position, change your objective so that it doesn’t say “seeking a position in the electrical trade” or “aspiring to be a physical therapist” or “to obtain a position that will allow me to utilize my experience as a delivery driver.”

  7. As the reason for leaving your last job, “I quit” is not a satisfactory response.

Both funny and sad at the same time Rob!

How true.

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video message for my last employee

I recall an ad I put out years ago. It stated that I’m a looking for a minimum 5 year residential window cleaning specialist. Clean cut and dependable vehicule.
I got Spanish speaking (little english) only, so I couldn’t talk with that one, a 1 year experience route guy with a DWI so no vehicule. a janitor guy, and the creme-de-la-creme was a guy who was a house painter looking for work. I asked what is his experience in window cleaning and he said “LOOK, HOW HARD COULD IT BE”? “Within a week I will be able to clean your windows. GEEZE” I asked, what was it about the ad that I want a 5 year man that you didn’t understand? He started yelling at me. Can you believe that! He was wanting a job and within a minute he is yelling. I told him that it takes 5-6 months to train a residential window cleaner not like it takes a week to train a painter. I further told him that I don’t have time to train so that is why I am looking for a 5 years experienced window cleaner. Good bye…click

I don’t think that you are going to find a part time qualified w/cer unless they already have a w/c biz and can sub-work from you with a non-compete clause. Must have biz insurance and vehicule ins.
best to ya

Actually, thats not true. The part about finding a part time window cleaner. They are out there. I know its frustrating but you really gotta be patient.

How about I restate it. The odds are not in your favor for a part time employee that meets your requirements. I can get part time help anytime, but getting one that meets what you are looking for. Good Luck on that one. If a person is motivated and has talent why wouldn’t they be looking for full time employment? You, insist that they stay part time. Pretty limiting unless the person can split employment time with another rival w/c company.
If I was interested in your job opening and saw your open letter to the perspective applicate. I wouldn’t apply. It comes across all about your needs and limited work poetential within you company. JMHO.

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A part-time WC job would be perfect for college students, fireman, and others with flexible schedules. So, I exclude people looking for a full-time job.

I guess this post IS all about my needs. That’s why I posted it in a forum of my peers. There are two sides to the coin and this is just one. Regardless, how might my post indicate limited work potential within my company?

OK, I put this email on Craigs for help wanted about a month ago and here is one of the respones I received from a guy named Donnie. I thought it was hilarious and decided to keep it. I also included my reply as well. I was able to fill the position easily and had well over 50 emails.

[B]Gutter cleaning minor repair tech (Spring 2010)[/B]
Growing company seeks to fill positions for gutter cleaning and minor repair service techs. 30-40 hours per week. Duties include: Gutter & downspout cleaning of primarily residential properties up to three stories high. Repair gutters such as re-nail,re-screw, seam sealing joints, gutter guard installation and various other repairs associated with gutter repair and maintenance.
Applicants must be clean cut, customer service oriented, and able to troubleshoot situations on the job. Job requirements are as follows: Able to move extention ladders that can weigh up to 60lbs, no fear of heights, must have valid drivers license with a good driving record (2 points maximum with out any OVI convictions), clean background without felonies(pass an extensive background check), drug free and can pass random drug testing when given. We are looking to having this position filled by the end of March 2010. We are looking for individuals with a minimum 1 year experience.
Send email with experience. Thank you.
Compensation: 30% of gross sale of job completed.

[B]Donnies reply:[/B]
have you looked at what people are saying about your dumbass add? you sure do ask alot and want to pay crap wages. people lie you are whats killing american jobs. you want 70% of a job and want someone that doesnt drink? you should go to mexico and find some help and while your there just STAY

[B]My Reply to Donnie[/B]:
Why is my inbox loaded with replies? 30% of a job using my insurance, my tools, my trucks, my customers. You are joking right? Why dont you bother someone on rants and raves? There is plenty of hate on there. My guys currently gross over $800.00 a week EASY. No lie. They arent working 80 hours doing it either. None of them would stay if I put them back on hourly. Have a great day and remember, small business fuels the economy. Dont like working for “the man”. Go start your own business.

Major Panes, i agree with that letter you wrote. Its so friggin true. Want a job? make an effort!!! Totally agree! As for PDF files, I get that excuse too. Who cant open a PDF? I think that they get to the page on my application thats asks if they have felonies and they use that for an excuse. I wasnt born yesterday.


Did Donnie get the job?

Same issues here. I ask that the applicants from craigslist send me 6 things:

  1. Name
  2. Location
    3 availability
    4 summary of experience
    5 phone number
    6 why I should hire you

60% don’t give me all 6 things. Half of them can’t spell. 70% of them give me a one or two sentence reply for why I should hire them or instead just give me a resume. Talk about a missed opportunity. No wonder they don’t have a job already. One of the biggest things that gets me is all the people who tell me their detailed story about their current financial crisis and that they NEED this job instead of convincing me to hire them for who they are. If i do hire them then every week they want an advance or I hear all of their personal problems. I don’t need that stress. I can’t hire someone who can’t be professional in the application.
There are a lot of things I’d like to tell potential applicants but don’t because I need them to reveal their true selves. Though u cant always judge a person entirely by there application it does help weed em out. Then there are the phone interviews…There are not many good ones to choose from.

I think this is a very interesting take on hiring. I like the bit about finding their true self.

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I am having a terrible time with Parttime employees. I can’t get anyone to stay. I lay by the hour but it is well above minimum wage

Craig’s list isn’t working for me

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you may find better applicants if you word it in a more positive way such as - part time to start with potential for full time

That being said, craigs list is NOT the place to look for employees you can trust, try a local college, fire dept, etc…

Yea I’m a firefighter & we are all doin something. But I do have 1 firefighter that helps when he can.

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I know another window cleaner who is having a heck of a time finding a good employee right now. He had a great guy for the past 4 years that he found through in-person interviews (after doing about 50 of them over a weekend) but that guy just got a job working in the oil industry. Now this guy is going through “employees” left and right who are lacking in all of the areas that you guys are talking about and for whatever reason there are a lot less people out there showing up for interviews. One guy said he had a vehicle and a clean record and turns out those were lies. Another guy was a felon. Another one had 2 years experience but was soooooo slow that it was painful. Another one was really un-intelligent and could not learn even basic things like how to pull screens out.
He did just find another guy who seems to be working out and he is hoping for the best. The lesson is (I think) that you just have to sift through the headaches and noise before you find someone decent, but that they are out there.

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I like number 3 SilverSqueegee – and number 5 can’t tell you how many people call when I say no calls please, they will find my number on Google and call it :slight_smile:

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I had a guy come in 2 years ago that knew “everything” about pressure washing.

I threw curveballs at him… “We start at 3 AM, can you get here by then?” etc.

After telling me how much he knew about the job, he looked at the stack of Whisper Wash surface cleaners in the corner and said “aww, you do floor buffing too? I can do that!”

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I imagine it’d be difficult to find an experienced wc who know his worth, that is looking to be employed only part time… Tough to make a living as an employee working part-time, with no hope of future full-time work. Based off of your criteria, you’re only going to find yourself a “laborer” who is looking for whatever job he can get… And with that being said, good luck find one with a clean record!