Anderson peel and clean film residue

I have a job coming up with Anderson peel and clean windows. Builder wants to remove film prior to completion (paint, color coat etc still not done) His reason is that he said he has seen the film leave residue making it hard to clean. Anderson says its good for 9 months post install. I advised the owners to tell him to leave it on. We’re going on 6 months and it wont get hot for another 2-3 months…and should be done by then. The film is static charged, no adhesives, stickers are on the film, not the glass. Film has lots of elasticity still and is not brittle. Has anyone had any issues with Andersons protective film leaving a residue on the glass making cleaning difficult? Do tell!

I did on Eagle windows that were getting direct sun. Not sure how long it was on there though

I have, but it was sun baked for 5 years.

I have done a couple of these Anderson’s with the film and only had problems with one where the film on the outside left some residue. It wasn’t that bad. I would much rather remove the residue than paint over spray, stucco etc.! I would tell them to leave it on. Usually you can just peel the film and if needed use a Mr Clean Magic Eraser to get any slight residue left around the edges where the film was. You usually don’t need to use a blade on these post construction cleans because the film protects all but about an inch of the glass at the edge.

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curious as to the residue left behind…plastic blead? these are right up to the edge of the frame too, not much of a gap anywhere. Larry, what did you use to get it off? Magic Eraser? or just a standard scrub and clean…

Goo gone and scraper

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Whoa!..what was left on there?..Did the plastic adhere to the glass so much you had to scrape it off? Or…after peeling the film off there was something underneath? Sounds like adhesive remnants…

I would tell him to leave it on. I have seen this film last a while. I’d also rather have a little glue residue than a bunch of paint and whatever else to scrape. Tell him you’ll charge him $xxx if he leaves the film on and $xxxx if he takes it off for the painters. (notice the extra x in the second price)