Anderson windows with glued on dividers

I have a customer who has Anderson windows in her home. The outside of the glass has dividers glued to the glass to form immitation cutups. The insides have snap on dividers. The customer has inquired if the glued on dividers can be removed somehow. It seems she likes the look of the window without the dividers.
Does anyone know if these can be removed without destroying the glass? Anyone ever attempt this before. By the way, this would probably not be a small task as she has 74 windows with these dividers glued on, 54 of which are double hung.

No experience but I cleaned a home with those that were falling off in various places. Anderson had a recall on those windows and they ended up replacing the bad ones. Pretty sure that you can get them off. Looked to me like they were put on with a contractor type adhesive. What would I charge? Probably an hourly fee.


Ive seen these. I dont know if oil flow would break down the glue or not. If you can find a way to remove them safely PASS. I ones ive seen are 15 to 20 years old and still holding tight. I think there might be to much stress on the glass to try and gentley pull them off and it would crack. may try and calling anderson and see if they have any recomendations

I have seen some that look like they have a black/grey two sided foam tape looking stuff holding them in place, I am sure something more heavy duty then that but that is what it reminds me of. You may also want to think about how the outside trim is attached to the window frame (does it float on top of the glass with the adhesive or are they anchored to the window frame in some way) and after removal would show some type of hole.

The trim is not attached to the frame at all, so I am not worried about having any holes left behind. I talked to Anderson and their answer was to replace the glass. Like the customer is going to want to do that!

Bob, look at this realisticly. You are not a window repair guy, you’re a window cleaner. We all run into the customer who wants us to fix or make those old windows look brand new. But fact is and I’m sure you have been there. 99% of the time when you take on these types of gigs to help a customer. You end up getting screwed or something just goes wrong. Just think, what if you break just one window? Then what? You stop the job completely and now try to resolve that problem. If it were me I would pass because I just know it would end up as a nightmare. If she likes the look without, oh well. She knows what she has to do. Does it suck? Sure does. But I’m sure she also knows she can’t have everything in life. I’m glad you posted this cause if you do pass on the job and she calls me. I’m telling her NO WAY!! Send her to Chris the Ninja, he is new. He’s like Mikey, He’ll try anything. lol. Just playing Chris.

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Yel-low Bob…
Dange here talking to you…

You know I think slicing with you razor will work,and I’m sure oil flow will help brake it down if you can get the facade off first, Sometime those facade are on there pretty tight.

Even though your able to get it off I think that the glue, the framed facade, maybe the heat from the sun or if they used it during application would have created a marring affect on the glass that will leave some sort marking on the glass, a muscle memory of some affect for lack of a better term!

I believe the window that is busted apart most (facade falling off or off) could be used as a trail run to see how much effort is needed, and what process is needed and how much affect this stuff has had on the glass !

I think there’s a 50-50 chance after you get it all removed you’ll will find a marring on the glass !

Just a thought Bobby !

I’m the Dangerous one !

P.S. I think the Jugg-man Ray is making a good point, it just might turn out to be a nightmare !

I agree with Ray, I wouldn’t walk away from that project, I would run. You would be assuming way to much liability trying a handyman modification if the manufacturer already recommended glass replacement. If the whole thing goes south and the customer gets mad, you are left holding the bag.

We are doing the window cleaning right now. It’s the second time we have cleaned the windows for her. It’s just something she asked me about and I told her I would look into it for her.

I think Dange is right. You can remove the dividers, but there will prolly be some kind of marring left where the adhesive has bonded with the glass