Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor stores. Are we cleaning all of them now or what? The excel sheet shows that we do all the stores but I only get 4 out of my 7 work orders. :confused:

I would do only the work for the work orders they sent out. I have 33 stores and only half of them are getting done this month. Ann Taylor even dropped the services back from 4 services to 3 services for the mall stores. Some of those are even outside stores. Check the latest spreadsheet that Garry sent out. If you don’t have it just pm me your email address and I will forward it to you.

I got it now. I was reading the excel sheet as if the yr started in Jan but it starts in Feb. Garry has been great help. Thanks

I pulled my company from this. No communication since I won the bids. I had questions about the contracts and work orders. I tried contacting Mr Window (Emails and phone) for 10 days and no response. Finnally got the lady on the phone this past friday and she told me “I’m overwhelmed with the workload”. I asked if she got any of my messages and was told “no”. First thing I thought was I wonder what it’s going to be like to get paid.

There is no need to call them. Everything you need is on your profile. All the work orders and everything. I hear that that have been moving to a new office and that is why things are a little off. If you need any help just email me and I will walk you through it.

I know that. That was not my problem. The process does seem stright forward but like I said I had questions that could not get answered. The questions were pertaining to the contract between my company and the mr window network and some of the things he has in there. I’m not about to just blindly sign a contract, regardless of anything. Also in their WO one of the things that had me wondering is for their awning cleaning. It stated in my work order that I had to use a certain product to clean the awning. I could not find the product for purchase and was wondering if I could use something else. I was also wondering if I could WFP the awning as in the WO it states the thing needs to be vacuumed and hand scrubbed. It’s a business contract so I need to make sure. I’m not about to clean something with something other then what’s in the WO. It’s grounds for me not getting paid or worse yet. When I first got involved with that bidding I was able to get responses from questions with in 24 hours. I thought to myself “Great, someone who returns calls an answers questions quick.” But after the bidding was over, was a whole other story.

Oh I see now. Sorry.

So check this out, we’re actulaly the sub- sub contractor. Mr. Window network didn’t aquire the AT contract. A national cleaning company contracted them. I’m happy that I have the work there are way to many chiefs and every one takin thier share of the money, why all this micro managing? No wonder communication is messed up. if you want answers call the store managers # on the work sheet. You can bypass Mr. Windows. Or email

Well whatever the store manager says negates the fact that I have/had a contract with Mr Window. If the work order says use xyz chemical, then that’s what I have to use unless told otherwise by his company. Or I would have to get the manager to sign off on a differant use of the chemical. This is why I don’t like doing business like this. Funny, I never do store front but this year I was bored out of my mind and the email came in. So I figured ah ok build some accounts and keep yourself busy in the winter. But after dealing with this, I reminded myself why I don’t do store front. I’m almost feel bad for under bidding the other company by 4 cents lol.

Ooooo, I may need to renegotiate next month after seeing a few of these stores. We do have to bid every month don’t we? Im unclear about that.

Umm… I don’t think so.

LOL that is too funny.


Those who took on the Ann Taylor stores, where does everyone stand at this point?

Im good. They sent me a check in the mail. Even tho things were a little confusing they are getting worked out. They just keep changing how paper work needs to be handled but other then that its good.

It took 3 months to get my first check. Complete waste of time and effort. Corporate retail never again, unless they deal with me directly.

Yeah I just got my first check a few days ago. As long as i know its coming im good tho

Eh…They are on a route of ours so no big deal…I dont mind them, the “inside” stores are getting done I think quarterly in a lot of instances. We only do 1 store and it is a outside store so they are doing it every month.