Another direct mail thread. A few questions about Every Door Direct Mail

I’ve read the threads on here and watched the videos but I still have a few questions.

First, to use the Post Office’s Every Door Direct Mail program, you can’t use regular sized postcards. Is that correct? You would need to use the 8.5x11 cards?

Secondly, what do you need printed on your card where the indicia would normally go?

And last of all, what needs to go in the address area of the postcard? Is it simply ECRWSS with “Residential Customer” below that?

Thanks. Got some flyers ready to go to print as soon as I get these details ironed out.

  1. it can be other sizes, but as far as something you can get at a lower cost, yes 8x11 is about it, although you can even go larger

  2. you do need a postal indica, the format is on the eddm website, just copy it over

  3. yep

tell us how many you mailed and give us a weekly update on how many responded, that would be interesting to hear

And its SUPER easy. I was nervous at first but now its nothing.

Just be ready to teach your post office about it. Most don’t have a clue.

Thanks for the replies.

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From my reading of the usps site, this is all I need on the card for it to be delivered. You guys agree?

I think thats right. Now, whether or not your post office will agree remains to be seen…

Keep us updated Sam. I will be trying this out here shortly.

You need the indicia, to the right of the 100% guarantee logo. Also, you don’t need to have the white background on the text for the addressing either.

Every Door Direct Mail Retail program and it allows US businesses to bring their marketing material to their local post.