Another name

Store front window cleaning

Do people some times call this route cleaning?

I read some where “In the morning do an hour or two of route cleaning then a residential job that will take 4 hours and then do 2 hours of canvassing”

I’m not sure if the statement was exact but the term “Route cleaning” was mentioned in a context like that

So would that be what was meant?

Route/Round used interchangeably. Could apply to commercial storefronts, or houses like in the UK.

Route/round work for residential isn’t big here in the Americas, at least I’ve never heard of it being a popular sell.

Oh cool so that would explain why Americans tend to use the term more towards commercial rather than residential

And the English use it for both

thanks for that being from Australia I was getting a little confused

We’re a bit like the English and just call the whole “The run” or “your run”

Thanks B.V

That’s what you get on the windows when you use dish soap.

Do you clean around surfers paradise?

Yeh I have done a few jobs on the Gold Coast

Its a really nice place LOL

I live about an hours drive from there

I stayed in Jupiters…a few windows in there!

Oh yeh

Thats one big glass building lol

[QUOTE=adriank;6223]Store front window cleaning

I’m from Toronto, Canada

I’ve never heard the expression route cleaning. We refer to a scheduled route of small commercial jobs as a route. And we refer to cleaning those jobs as route cleaning, but I haven’t heard of route cleaning.

I have always called my commercial accounts route cleaning because I schedule them by geographic areas to form routes.