Another pic/question as a newbie

On the horizontal frame under the top window and a couple of other spots, it looks like hard water stains on the frame. Is this difficult to remove and what would be the best method?

I am a newbie and just getting into this line of work. Any information will be much appreciated, thanks!!

If it were my job, I wouldn’t bother with it, unless they were asking to have it done.

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You have to learn how to set the expectation level.
Cleaning a window doesn’t mean restoration.

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I would not bother with the frame, I’d make it clear to the client that I am cleaning the glass only.

MJ, Matthew, Majestic - Customer hasnt asked for this, I just wanted to cover my bases in case they want that as an add-on. I will definitely set the expectations as far as that is not included in the window cleaning. Thanks for the replies!

That’s not an ‘add-on’ if you don’t do that service. You clean glass.

I have a lot of customers if I could clean their blinds too, and I have to say it’s not my specialty.

Like others have said, you want to set expectations and be careful with the chemicals you use. I used F9 Barq on some windows that had heavy stains on the glass and frame from the surrounding stone. It took a little elbow grease but worked well.

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Loving that upper pic of the stone stains! Going to put that in my collection for the blog. Hoping you don’t mind!


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