Another Professional Company Using SoftWash Systems Great Products


@ 3:11 is that guy watering the customers trees as well? Awesome!

Hey AC,

Are they using your powdered bleach? I notice the guy on the ladder isn’t using a mask, when we do that with our cut 12%, you can hardly breathe!!


Am I missing something? Theres no clickable link for me to see what AC is up to.

Ill get right on that…lol


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Do you still sell that powdered stuff, and is that what he is using?




They are using liquid bleach. The powder is set for re release next year.


We have been using the Green Wash for roof cleaning. It has been working great. We have been able to reduce the amount of sh in the mix. We are now mixing 10 gals sh to 40 gals of h2o before we were mixing 15 gals sh to 30 gals h2o. On colder days we do need to increase the strength of the mix to around 1:3.

Thanks for the great review Clark. WCR now carries the full line of SoftWash Systems products!


Yep we should have them built into the store very soon…

That’s great to hear. Looking forward to spring.

AC did he develop the soaps and surfactants? @ 0.53 or did you?

They are our products and I believe Trinity does some twists to them. I only know what they order from us. The video seems to say they have developed some privately labeled stuff and Jerry is a smart guy and is completely capable of providing some awesome products but most of all incredible service as shown in the video.



Powdered bleach ([B]calcium [/B]hypochlorite) doesn’t work for roof cleaning. It doesn’t clean well and leaves a white haze on [I]everything[/I]. You have to use acid to remove it.

Do a search on any of the roof cleaning forums, somebody tries it every year and it’s always a disaster.

If that is the case what is the powdered bleach AC makes for? For use when pressure washing concrete?

Pretty sure that product has been taken off the market. Because of problems like Thad mentioned.

Actually Thad with very little work CH can be used for everything you would use SH for. In fact we have a new augmented roof cleaning soft wash mix that uses both SH and CH in the mix. It saves the contractor time chasing their tail getting SH every day as well as keeps them legal by helping them not carry over 119 gallons of SH which is illegal.

If a soft wash pro carries 119 gallons of SH and uses the augment method found at SoftWash Roof & Exterior Cleaning Systems they can make that 119 gallons of SH stretch out to make 600 gallons of roof cleaning strength chem and clean 14 to 18, 25 square roofs. That’s over 45,000 square feet of roof and an estimated $9,000.00 in revenues. The overall savings in bleach using CH and Green Wash can be as much as $200.00 in some parts of the country.

There are currently many across the US using all CH or Augmenting for cleaning roofs.

Hope this helps,


I really hope you get the kinks worked out, since I have a three hour round trip to get bleach. I was cautiously optimistic when I heard about powdered bleach from Delux but I was afraid it was calcium hypochlorite and the last I heard about it was this:

Powdered Bleach Review Roof Cleaning Products

If you can get past the poor mixability and white haze I will be all over it, especially if I can get it through WCR. I have only heard good things about g reen wash and will try it soon. I’m curious to see how it compares to Simple Cherry.

Thad I am using the Green Wash for roof cleaning and am pleased with the results and the reduced amount of sh in the mix. I have not tried it for house washing yet. I downstream and am happy with simple cherry for house washing.

AC, I went to your site and saw the vent pipe anchor for fall arrest protection, does that meet OSHA standards? Whats is rated for