Another Resource For Marketing Ideas

I just wanted to let you all know I have launched my new
blog. This one is exclusive to marketing a window cleaning

I have a lot of topics I am already writing that will surely
get your mind working. :smiley:

Anyway, feel free to stop by

The Good Life Window Cleaning

Looks real good man. Nice job.

Thanks Chris. I have a long way to go to get
it where I want it.

The important part is to just get it going…

it’s only taken 2 years :rolleyes:

Nice Paul.


Hey Paul,

How can I buy your book?

The pay pal link isnt working

Yeah, there be some bugs in the system still :mad:

I fixed it


lookin forward to the read. should be a good book.

Is your book an e-book or a physical book?


Your new marketing site looks really good! Can’t wait for whats to come.

And the pricing of your services are very reasonable. Thank you for giving back in such a large way as to help those who struggle with marketing ideas:)

I believe Paul’s e-book is in that form only. I could be wrong but that’s how i received it.

Paul, you should make it in paperback and charge some big bucks for it like Kevin’s book;) I bet people would still buy it.

I like it Paul. I would be game to use your skillz on one of my pieces and see how it does. What kind of turn around time do you offer?

Please PM or contact me through my site. I don’t like to talk business
on a forum.