Another Scam?

I Have someone reaching out via text for a quote.

Says I can look up the address and get him an estimate online.

I give the estimate via text and the person says sounds good and I will be making payment via cashiers check.

What?? I’m about to cancel all texting for the biz line and messaging via google, tired of these scams, doesn’t even provide any contact details just address and that they’ll pay via cashier’s check.

Is this real or what, idk what that even is

Screen them out from the get go.

YOU have a procedure to go through, and that is - Name; Address; Phone Number; Description of what service they want; Cash, Check, or whatever other form of payment YOU ACCEPT. No exceptions.


There is noting wrong with cashiers checks. I just don’t understand why this guy wants to pay that way. It’s easier to just right a check. Cashiers checks are usually used for large sums so the seller knows it won’t bounce. Like when you’re buying a car you use a cashiers check.

Secondly you dictate how you want to get paid. Not them.

Update: I was able to see that the house was for sale and saw the contact details of the listing agent and reached out to him if anyone there was looking for window cleaning services. He said no, never heard and that todays the closing. I texted the scammer - Hi this is a scam, I spoke with the listing agent for that property and he confirmed that nobody there is looking for window cleaning services. I suggest you take your scam elsewhere. He said Fool.

:rofl: :rofl:

Don’t understand the scam ?

No, how does it work

I meant I don’t understand it.

me either

Simple, I get these all the time.

Scammer texts and says they have a property nearby that needs (service) and asks if you can swing by for a bid. Number is usually out of state and typically say they are “away on business”.

Property is usually empty and being listed for sale so nobody is there to question why their crappy house is getting washed. You go wash it, scammer sends ‘certified check’ etc for double the amount.

Thinking they made a mistake you send back a real check for the difference. Two weeks later bank let’s you know that check you got is fake.

I thoroughly enjoy playing with these douchebags, leading them on and notifying the listing agent who is usually really surprised.

I have a policy that shuts them down quick. I will only do business with the homeowner in person.


They send you a fake check for over the amount you quoted , then they tell if you can pay another contractor a certain amount . then you send the other contractor (scammer ) some money and they tell you for your inconvenience you can keep a certain amount .
Hence the check is fake, it will bounce like rubber ball and know you’re out some money .
I’ll do the math , you quote the scammer $500 for the job , Scammer sends you a check for 2,000 and tells you he made a mistake . He says just deposit the check and pay my plummet 1,250 and you can keep &250 for the inconvenience. You deposit the check , you withdrawal $1,250 send the scammer the cash via cash app or Zelle . The check bounces because it’s fake and now you’re out $1,250 plus the hours you spent doing the job .


It’s especially bad with pressure washing, they know it’s exterior cleaning and don’t have to enter the building.

The sad thing is theses scams work , that’s why the scammers are at it

Found this on YouTube , you’ll kinda understand how the scam works . It’s also kinda funny

Dude, we get 20 of these a week. It came to the point that I had RIngCentral turn off all incoming texts to the business line.

Scam city.