Another use for WFP

Hanging baskets cool ???

Local council asked me for a price for watering the towns baskets and accepted my quote. I have been busy putting the wfp technology to a different use and over the last 4 weeks have made my own watering system. I found it fascinating watching the different methods over the years. Diy trailers with rain butts in them, petrol driven pumps and generators. Hand operated circular pumps. etc.
Now its my turn :smiley:

One private and one public contract totalling over £4k Also put other flyers round my town. So hope to be busy and up early in the mornings.

Another use for waste reject RO water.

Attaboy, Jeff!

Cheers Llaczko !

not many jobs going though, one in each neighbourhood if your lucky !
and I lied :o , dont use RO anymore since I started using the rainwater last June

But I get woken by the birds and have time on my hands in the early mornings so a bit of overtime will come in handy and I dont like the heat of the day so its Siestas for me soon ! ::slight_smile:

Hi Jeff - sorry no email/no home phone! Hope you got those trailer links I sent a month a go? So you’re a gardener now?

Got to make it sound more enticing then that huh Jeff? How about…“Pure Water Gardenologist”

Cheers Sparkle, hmm never thought about it. Maybe pelvic floor irrigation :slight_smile: oops ! I mean floor irrigation from the ground up. Groundforce comes to mind but thats a TV gardening prog over here. Or telescopic micro irrigationm, any one else with zany ideas :smiley:

No, it was the 12v 400L sprayers.

Brilliant blog you have :slight_smile:

OK Jeff, I have the link on the other computer, as soon as I’m back online, I’ll send.