Any advice would be appreciated

Hey guys! If you could just take a second and check out my site. It’s my first site and is still under construction, so any advice would be appreciated.


Great! How do we find this wonderful site?

O brother… sorry Clearview Window Cleaning

couple of quick thoughts…

is this flash? If so, can google understand the text that’s there to read it (so you can show up on google searches)?

I hate the way you have to scroll (by clicking the arrow buttons on the side of the site).

some pictures to accompany your testimonials would be cool.

A phone number front and center so people can see it easily would be good.

Your pictures of homes are pretty cool… do you have any pics of you/your crew working… doing any of your various services?

looks good Garren

although i find it a little hard to read the white lettering on a black background. Also like Michael said, Google might not read your site very well if it’s flash

The type of flash used does get picked up by google. My wife uses the same one for her website so I know it works. More pics are forthcoming, and I agree with ash about the writing and will be fixed asap. Anything else?

Gerren, love the pics on your home page.Very nice! I agree- you need more pics on other pages, & you and your crew. Good start tho.

Great look.

A few thing:
Where are the sale points?

“Muskoka links” should probably be in the footer.

About us and services" should be split in two.

Is the font all bold? It’s kinda hard to read. Don’t know why…