Any common compounds that contain cerium oxide?

I cant find a place that just sells the powder. I need to polish some glass and can’t find my cerium oxide. Any ways you can think of to score some without having to order? I have to finish up the job tomorrow.

a automotive paint supply store might sell this,
Buy 3M 60150 Glass Polishing Compound, 1 per inner 6 per shipper Online: 10303

maas metal polish will work on glass too.

Diatomaceous earth can be found at garden supply spots, eh?

Have you ever used it? It says it’s 75% I need to polish glass. It was a dark window and after stain removal there were swirl marks left. If cerium oxide doesnt work gonna be paying a whole lot of money for some glass grinding :frowning: Sometimes testing in a small area in the early morning just doesnt cut it. Thanks for the suggestions guys.

WOOOO HOOO SAVED BY MY BUDDY! He’s got some cerium oxide stashed away! Thanks guys!

If you can’t find anything else, I would try Bar Keepers Friend. If you’re not familiar, it’s a powder, kind of like Bon Ami.

Mix it with a little water to form a paste. Having a drill with a buffing disc would help.

Amazon is my friend.

I keep one of these on the self at the shop CRL Cerium Oxide - One Pound: Everything Else

I used to carry a bar of Jewelers Rouge in the tool box with me…but I haven’t seen it in a while…??

anyone notice this? Professional Glass Polishing System: Automotive

I can’t see why those glass polishing kits are about $2k. I don’t want to be a prick but there isn’t anything in those kits that cost over $200 individually. body shops buff cars with hand drills and buffers that are the same thing you get in those kits. and bodywork on a car is far more fragile than a window.


This is a question a lot of people ask of the Glass Polishing System Manufacturers (like GlassRenu) all the time. Here is the short but sweet answer.

If you want to polish glass (only remove VERY light damage that won’t catch your finger nail) then you can go through CRL or Janvil and get a system that is designed to allow you to use Cerium Oxide and some sort of polishing wheel mated to a drill or grinder.

If you want to remove damage that is deeper while you are still a young man (you can remove any damage with Cerium Oxide, however to remove a scratch you can catch with your finger nail prepair to spend several days working it) then you need a system that is designed to remove more material than Cerium would. Think about trying to remove a deep gouge in a pine wood table with 2400 grit sand paper, it would take for ever.

At GlassRenu we developed our own abrasives with our abrasive supplier to allow the system to work fast. The value in the process that is supported by the components, a process that will allow you to remove deep damage without leaving traces of the repair.

Lastly the big difference between body work on a car and working on glass is that if you screw up on the car, you can add Bondo, or a patch and start over. With Glass if you screw up you have a distorted, or busted window. Also when you work on a car you can hide minor (MINOR) repair relics but on glass all you have to do is wait for the sun to move and any incomplete repairs become evident.

Hope this answers your question. If not I would love to talk with you any time.