Any duck hunters!>

The Lakes empty this morning…Looks like they are heading your way.

That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard!

I broke 96 out of 100 clay birds today

That’s awesome. We killed two teal this morning. After that didnt see much! Come on cold weather!!!

There’s a large lake less than 1/2 mile from my house. Every weekend morning we wake to shotguns from hunters on the lake. Here we have more geese than ducks though.

I did a job on a lake this past week.
Two dozen Canada geese and I don’t know how many mallards dropped by.

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Used too, haven’t in a few years. Love duck hunting more than deer hunting - dunno why.

I remember when I shot my first goose… A few hours after I shot it was going to clean it at the end of the day, took it into the nice warm garage, picked it up by the neck and the freaking thing HONKED at me… I about pooped myself as I jumped back, thought it came back from the dead. Apparently it still had air stuck in it’s lungs… Freaking hilarious

Sitka… Ahhhh. Reminds me of Alaska I lived in Sitka for about a year - Rainy as all get out :smiley:

Haha Well hey man come down to MO were getting lots of ducks coming in!