Any duck hunters!>

Are there any duck hunters on here? if your in the north zone please tell me there starting to come down south?!!!

Alright great, here’s the part where I make MORE enemies…:rolleyes:

You seriously shoot and kill ducks?!?
You f-ing pussy.

no not really…
you must be still mad about the cardinals… (even though things arnt looking good headed back to boston)

i call them in, make sure my decoy spread is good for the type of day, i shoot them, try to reach my limit if i can that day. process all the meat from the birds have some buddys over for a bbq. for the breast we dont bbq i process the meat from the bird, wrap i up and take it to my local church or the the circle of concern (which we clean there windows for free to keep the place up) helping people in need is not a “pussy” thing to do and to know were meat came from is rewarding in its self.

nah screw that i Wack em and Stack em!!! go away

Yeah , I used play that game on my Nintendo NES

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haha, That came out waay more crude than intended… sorry.

But while Im on the subject, I put some kittens in a box for you to ‘hunt.’

not a problem down here thats how we hunt the preditor animals so are live stock stay safe. (put a cat in a cage) wait until it crys and watch the coyotes come running!

Just kidding they make new speakers for that! lol i would never put a cat out there. JD i gotta say if you ever get the oppertunity to hunt. youve got to try it. ill leave it at that.

We are going on a Night vision Hunt in Texas next month for wild hogs, Your welcome to come along!

We still have not seen a big push out of the north yet, I am in Minneapolis so it will be a while. I would guess you guys are seeing a pile of teal, I know my buddies up at Squaw Creek are shooting them up good. Never made it as far east as STL, guided hunts from Joplin to Colombia to NWMO though. In the process of dropping $5k on a new goose spread, probably make it down to NWMO later in the season as my season is getting cut WAY short with the end of the season window/gutter rush up here.

You will LOVE hog hunting in Texas, I guided waterfowl hunts out of Lubbock and Knox City for 5 years. Find a guide who will chase them in the fields and you shoot them out of the truck window…it is a rush. If $ is no object there is a service in Knox County that does hunts from a chopper, it has to be nuts!

Hog hunting cool. An easy way to get yer own hogs hair brush.:stuck_out_tongue:

We do a couple pheasant trips every year in southwestern Kansas. Hunting is a necessity. Otherwise you’d have an over population of diseased animals with little food source to sustain them all.

I could never, ever do it.
And I have no business telling anyone how to live.

Credit for a good ability to take a jab, Diggler. :cool:

Did a hog slaughter back when on Texas coast.
Wild hogs tearing up farmers fields.
They set out hog traps
We set out to shoot what was in the traps
Over 2000 pounds of fresh pork after butchered
1700 pounds were donated
Not sportsmanlike but they have evolved into pests
Love to bird hunt but not crazy about duck hunting but love to nosh on duck

Hey,I was just thinking to myself, where are all u snappy responders, you know, the ones who are aggravated by wasting 3 seconds of their life by clicking on the subject line and realizing hey youre posting in the wrong forum this has nothing to do with cleaning windows but ironically will waste 5 min posting a comment telling u to post this in the duck hunting section…NERD ALERT!!

Man! Behind the power curve today. Missed it.:frowning: Maybe it was a thought while doing windows, ducks were seen which brought on the thought? I’ve thought I was posting one place and showed up in another. Try not to post new threads. Usually ends up in disaster plus I talk too much and most of what I say is lame but have my moments of clarity.:o

I hunt by horicon in wis. and some divers showed up 2 weeks ago and the shovelers started show up this weekend

This a Window Cleaning Forum, find another place to post this… Hunting stuff Alert!!!

[MENTION=7495]Dirk Diggler[/MENTION] they still have not left the Great Northwest yet, I’ll let you now the morning they start to fly south.

It only took me 1min 28 sec to post this :cool:

Don’t be so hard on yourself Jack…Your a nice guy! :cool:

If you don’t like it. Don’t post here! Move on that simple

And thanks man don’t think ill go out for the first two weeks (I’m a public land hunter) lol ill let people get there fix and wait till it gets cold. Then ill have it all to myself! Tha me to the new Sitka duck blind gear

Thanks, but I do ramble.

Posting from Upstate New York. We have seen a lot of geese flying south and the bird population diminish as the frost has moved in. Get your o/u ready, their coming. I do a lot of small game hunting during Dec and Jan.

I’m actually from Endicott