Any more events/roundtables for window cleaning in 2012?

So the Midwest event is canceled. Anything else available for a pressure washer that wants to get into window cleaning? Oh crap…I bet I need to fill out a signature! First time on this forum. Let me see what I can do real quick.

The Waterfed Extravaganza in Denver next month.
If you’re thinking about going to NOLA2013 you need to get on the wait list. The presale list is sold out but if anyone doesn’t claim their ticket when it goes live (soon) then it goes to the next person on the list.

I definately want to go and will commit to NOLA 2013! How would I get on this sacred list please sir?



Name is on the list…and I just bought my plane ticket for Denver! Thanks for everything Thad!

The next big event is going to be Huntsville, AL on November 9, 10.
It’s going to be a killer wrap-up for 2012!