Any recommedations for a good work boot/shoe

I typically wear shoes commonly referred to as running, tennis, or sneakers. I’m after footwear more professional in appearance but would like to retain as much of the lightweightness and coolness that sneakers provide if possible.

Does anyone have a brand or model boot/shoe that they swear by that is cool, lightweight and attractive?

I have Ariat boots ($120.00) which to me are the most comfortable work boot in the market but they are too hot for summertime work. Plus they are heavy and when I work in a home or business I need to be able to move around quickly and not be hindered by heavy footwear.

I’ll seriously consider all serious recommendations.

I found a good looking water-proof, light weight, work boot/shoe that works well. It is put out by Dockers. I think I got mine at a Kohls store. If I am swinging on the side of a building I like to wear my “batman boots” which are actually creek shoes and can be purchased at an outdoor supply. My kids used to call them batman shoes because they are black and purple neophrene.
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I like Salomon Gore-Tex shoes. I have used the XA Pro 3D Ultra GTX and the XA Comp 3 GTX in the past and I prefer the former. Running shoe comfort but waterproof.

I bought a pair of waterproof Merrell shoes. Great traction and so far very durable.

i use MERCURY trainers . i looked around for a shoe with a very soft sole but also having an instep and tread pattern.these were cheap(£10) and i ended up going back to the shop to buy several more pairs because they are so grippy .The downside is that they only last 3 or 4 months but they grip well on roof tiles and slates .

I use Garmont, or any other maker of, approach shoes - either hightop or sneaker style.

Approach shoes have a sticky vibram sole which can help your footing on a ladder or on a roof. I cut the laces short so there is nothing to trip on if they come untied on a roof.

They are designed for the approach hike/scramble to a rock climb - so they are stickly enough to provide very good grip.

Anything clean, no holes or worn out. A softer, stickier sole makes will give more traction on a ladder or roof like a hiking shoe. Many outdoor/camping stores have a great selection. Good luck.

I love my Keen’s.

[COLOR=black][FONT=Verdana]I wear Merrells as well. I have the boot version of the shoe. I like the added ankle support of the boot style. The Merrells have great support for the feet as well. You’ll have to get a pair of bootie boots to slip on for inside work because the Vibram soles of the Merrell have a tendency to pick up a lot of dirt when you’re outside.[/FONT][/COLOR]

Some of the boots have gortex and some don’t. I highly recommend spending the extra dow for Gortex!

Love my booty boots! They are awesome! I may invest in the Merrell boots for the winter.

I wear boat shoes, so does one of my guys.

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