Any suggestions on the best WFP brush?

I have been using my RO/DI cart from Reach HIgher Ground for a couple months now and am looking to buy a different brush.
Hoping to hear from those of you with more experience as to what your favorite brushes are. I am going to be buying a second used pole from StarBrite that is coming with a Hog’s hair brush.
Anyone have experience with the Gardiner double flocked brush?

i decided to answer my own thread- since nobody else did. i just bought today a new boar’s hair brush and a Reach monofilament brush. I have a feeling that i am going to like them both better than my Vikan brush.
I will post the results in the days to come.

That would be cool. I use the Ionics brush that came with my pole. I want to get a hog but being I have never seen the results from one. I think twice. I would like something with some removal power. I would prefer not to have to prescrub if possible. Let me know how it works out.

Hey sorry about alot of us not answering the post, must of slipped by.

The only thing I dont like about using a Hog on a WFP is that the strands are so thick, (in other words many of them), that alot of dirt stays in there and gets transfered from window to window.

I dont particulary like it, but let us know your results.


We have used the Gardiner pole mono brush and it is still working just fine. Once in a while on a first time clean we have to go over a couple windows twice, but I am amazed at how well it cleans.

Been loving my Gardiner SLX with the Gardiner brush. It must be that this is the first residential season where i am really getting to use the wfp on my regular customers. And I just seem to have gotten much better at using it. Previously i have been not rinsing enough, but now I have gotten in the groove. I have been having absolutely great days using Pure water exclusively on exterior cleans (of regular clients)

Previously I was using the hogs hair almost all the time, but now i really like the feel of the Gardiner brush. I see the advantages and need for a hogs hair on certain windows.

Hogs are best the first time around then nylon is ok.
You can’t beat the USA made SimPole, Inc. brushes
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The things to remember with wfp brushes is how well does water flow through it. The purpose of the brush is to loosen the dirt so the pure water can rinse it down. In my opion the best brush for this is the Tucker, but you can not use it with any other wfp. The monofilament brushes by Viking and Gardiner both do a good job with not holding dirt and slide easily on the glass. Most of the hogs hair brushes on the market have to many bristles which prevents water from flowing and rinsing the dirt. I must admit that Phil has done a great job with designing the Simpole with bristles not close together so you get good flow. You still have to tilt or lift the hogs hair brush off the glass to rinse. This is not the case with a monofilament brush. I have both but only use the hogs on very hard to clean windows.