Any thoughts on this ladder?

Hey fellow window cleaners, I was researching ladders on the web and came across this website: Faxco
The idea of a telescoping tripod ladder really intrigued me. Also the Little Giant Skyscraper also piqued my curiosity. What do you guys think?

I am sure that there has to be a better way to access some of the more difficult windows, especially the interior ones. I don’t like the idea of an extension ladder inside especially because the feet can slip on some of the wood floors. Sectional ladders with their narrow tops just seem kind of dangerous (pun intended) to me considering that they can roll on you. I have had good results with my 17 foot little giant knock off, but it can only make an 8 ft. stepladder. I do like the 90 degree stepladder that you can make with it, that way you can get right against a window without leaning on it.

This tripod ladder looks like it can be made into a 90 degree one too. It just seems so much safer. Feedback?

The only thing I hate more than using ladders (besides falling off said ladders) is using ladders indoors.

There is a high “pucker factor” when your trying to manipulate an extension ladder around a grand piano or other similar thing. Its sometimes enough to make me feel sick when I think about having to replace/repair these things.

Oh and it’s dangerous too.

Now that I have a WFP- I’m sick of ladders! I’m looking at the indoor waterfed pole.

There’s gotta be a better way than climbing.

I think, like our primate ancestors before us, we will evolve (as window cleaners this time) when we come down from the trees/ladders, and figure out new ways to safely and effectively do the same job.

A lot of the best WFP stuff comes from Europe because they don’t hang out on ladders as much (by law). They have to innovate- they don’t really have any choice.

Hey Jesse,

I know you know and pun is greatly intended, but ALL LADDERS ARE DANGEROUS…

The point on the sectional is designed to get you into places that other ladders won’t !

With that put out there I don’t think any ladder is not capable to access, go with what flows for you but as with anything there is a learning curve ,some greater then others !


This would be great as a specialty ladder. A few times I’ve needed to rent a 14ft step to do high light fixtures. Those are heavy beasts! If I did more fixtures at those heights I’d definitely invest in the 16ft model.


I think sectionals are pretty cool, by the way - very versatile. But I think that they are a personal preference. I like using little giant style ladders indoors rather than sectionals. Now, if they can come up with a better stand-off for sectionals (than the rung style) I would be sold. I just don’t like the flimsy rung style sectional stand-offs. I really like using stand-offs, I don’t like being too close to the glass, I feel like I am going to fall off the ladder backwards sometimes.

Keep us updated on the indoor wfp Nate.

It’s all in getting used to it, my friend. I’ve had some pretty scary experiences on ladders, and learn from my mistakes. If you feel you are going to fall backwards, it is one of 2 things:

A: You have your ladder’s angle way too steep (it should be 4 ft away from the building for every 10 ft high).

Or B: You just aren’t comfortable enough on ladders.

I agree that there should be a ladderless application for every job, but when it comes down to it (ex: over a grand piano), a ladder is your only option if you want GOOD results. I am a firm believer in sectionals BTW.

My apologies. You said you were worried about rolling rather than falling off. I’ve been there, and as soon as I climbed down my sectionals and repositioned the ladders things were good. Sorry I misread your post.

Sorry but this is very wrong.

Ladder angle should follow the 4:1 rule. For every 4 feet up you go 1 ft out. 8 feet up you go 2 feet out, 12 ft up you go 3 ft out, etc.

So for your example, 10 ft up = 2.5 ft out. Not 4 ft.

Check out page 11 of this osha safety document.

Telescoping ladders scare me. I have looked at one that slides out to about 12 to 14 feet, and stores at about 3 1/2 feet. I could just see my 300 lb arse up at the top and one side of the locks slips…no, I think I will stick with sectionals for tight places I can’t get an extension

I could just see my 300 lb arse up at the top and one side of the locks slips…no, I think I will stick with sectionals for tight places I can’t get an extension

I’m 200 lbs myself and don’t like flimsy ladders. I really should give sectionals more of a chance. I like options. Extensions, combination ladders, and maybe sectional ladders soon. I’m pretty strong and haven’t had any problems carrying around ladders. The little giants don’t even seem heavy to me. I have carried 28 ft fiberglass extension ladders with no problems. I would rather have a heavier but very stable ladder than a lightweight but flimsy one. Maybe I just need more time to get used to working with ladders and then I wouldn’t mind the flexing and such. Dangerous Dave is heavier than me and he didn’t seem concerned on his aluminum sectionals stacked 3 high. When I tried it I was kind of freaked out my the flexing. But he uses them everyday so I’m sure that he knows what he’s doing.