Any tips on how to clean phantom screens?

These are the screens over doors that roll away into a “hidden” container on the side of the door. They have no tension and I haven’t figured out a good way to scrub them.



Those really suck. The best way I’ve found is to vacuum them. You just have to press gently because they will push out of their tracks really easily.

Another one of those products that’s over- designed and prone to failure.

Car wash mitt with Screen Magic sprayed on it, the ones I do are quarterly and well maintained before I started.

Maybe give Screen Magic a go.
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This is a great question. I install the ClearView brand of disappearing screen doors and I clean the screens with this brush available from WCR using DI water. We had a construction site where they had 6 of these installed (3 doubles) and they had the screens engaged the whole 1 1/2 years while they were doing a major renovation (4.5 Mil) in the backyard. They were really dirty and we just brushed and rinsed them twice with DI water and they were like new again. The trick is to take the pull bar off the track-rail and have someone hold the pull bar with the screen almost fully rolled out. Be careful not to pull the screen to far and pull it off the roller. Then brush and rinse as necessary. Then you can snap the pull bar back on the rail and let it roll up again.

Thanks for the ideas, friends.