Any use for spent resin?

I have a crap-ton of spent mixed bed resin just sitting in my garage. Probably around two cubic feet worth. Does anyone have any clever ideas on what to use it for?

I’ve looked around to see if any water softening companies could recharge it for me, but no dice. The resin is from a few different sources too, so i don’t know it’s exact make-up. i’m told that’s relevant with regard to the recharging process…

just looking for some ideas. thanks all!

Fill for sand bags then place around low lying home in case of flood

put on the shuffleboard table

or build a sandbox to play in, er, resin box

The guy who recharges mine will only deal with resin he gave me originally.

Interesting, I’ve had Culligan Water recharge resin for me before that’s not theirs and they’ve never asked where I get it from.

Dig it into the compost in your garden, pot plants etc to act as a drainer (bit like sand).

Thats where mine goes.

i like this one. it’s like super-premium pea gravel.

Can’t wait to try this, does anyone have experience recharging their own resin?

holy moly what a hassle, I am now even more happy to pay for my exchange service

quite the education

Haha, ya it does look pretty involved


I have seen it used in some cool little flower beds

I recharged mine 4 or 5 times. Could not get it to last as long as the store bought stuff. Its also dangerous and expensive.

Material wise, its certainly a bit cheaper as long as you do it right the first time.

Im not afraid of a little chemistry, but even though I have close to a case of the lye a few bottles of the acid and 3 5 gallon buckets full of used resin… Id still rather spend an extra $50 bucks and buy the fresh stuff and avoid the smoke and headaches.

I’m thinking about putting it into garbage bags and giving it to my friends who drive two-wheel drive trucks. You know, for weight over the rear axle in the winter…

I will look for this blog in autopia recharge your CRspotless resin. This guy filled a container with his resin (mixed) Not sure of mix but lye and water. Said it gets hot but the 2 settle. Waited 45 minutes and scooped the lighter (Anion) colored beads and rinsed. Dark (Casion) was collected and put into a Muriatic acid/water bath. Might try it just to see. He mentioned was getting 20ppm. Hey I can run that and collect it. If too much spotting I can use it for pre-cleaning, bucket water. If a few bucks of chemicals and a bit of time gets me a bit more. I’ll try it. Could be BS. Who knows, maybe someone here tried it. Hope they let us know.

I used to recharge mine. Big Freaking mess and not as cheap to do as you’d think. $200 of resin can make you thousands of dollars. That’s like stopping to pick up nickles when there are dollar bills blowing around.

Sounds like a hassle. Might play around when bored. Oh, I was in Austin the other day and WOW!. I saw nice windows to play with. Like a kid at 6 flags. Maybe when I get older I can play with that stuff. Not many tall buildings here nor any with windows like I see off of TX360 Loop (?) Plus businesses here are cheap. Heck, still trying to get the little pole I got set up to work like I want and too small of tank for big jobs. Lets see if the Unger head and fan jets I got today work a little better. Going to order some new resin but I see mixed resin usually are 10lb bags but want to be sure all 10 goes in because called another place and said I had a .5 cu ft tank and they said the refill is 10lb bag but I have a .25 cu ft tank and they still say 10lb bag. Hmmm. If anyone knows, please chime in. Thanks

I grew up in killeen so I know what kind of town your working in. You may want to check out the Harker Heights area. I think you’d do better there compared to cove.

I’ve got like eight five gallon buckets in the basement. I have looked into having recharged with no luck. I recently thought to see if nation wide di does anything with recharging. But the cost of shipping both ways would probably cause me to not save a ton. It sure would be nice to have it all recharged at once and be sitting on all that stockpile of fresh resin.

The Two Supplier house’s will re gen it for you Ask Randy Mills he did ti.