Any window cleaners from Australia here?

Hi There
just wanting to know if there are any aussies on this forum
or am i the only one
im in Melbourne
been in the game for approx 8 yrs
we do residential and commercial lots of wfp work


I am in Sydney doing commercial and residential. just bought my first WFP system and plan to focus more on the commercial side of things. It would work a treat on all these 3/4 storey modern glass panelled strata blocks that are popping up everywhere.
How did you find selling the use of WFP here in Oz as it is not that common.


Willie, the inventor of the Wagtail checks in here once in a while.

selling the wfp was easy
the cost of a cherry picker or scissor lift for the day usually outways the entire clean
with wfp and the results for commercial are brilliant

what wfp system did you buy?

Ionics Quattro - fits in the back of my ute and is easy to lift in and out, I did look at the ones on this site, however weight of the units and the British peso made up my mind for me. What system are you using?

im using the tuckerpole
spares and the like are easy to find
ive made up my own di-tank trolley
we only need di here as our tds is a low 27-35ppm
i think your water in sydney is harder
hey do you have staff or are you a one man show?

Its me and my wife ( handy when doing residential in/out ) If I start getting more commercial work I will employ someone.should not be a problems around here ( Manly ) as the place is full of temporary residents always looking for jobs for 3-6 months.
That is very low TDS, ours is around 80 - 90 which is pretty good. I felt that with a DI only system you would be burning though the resin. also the only place I could find that would supply cartridges wanted $400 for the cartridge and then $350 per exchange !.

Hi There,

I’ve just started up my window cleaning business in Sydney - eastern suburbs.

I’m focusing on residential stuff and shopfronts for the time being as i have been advised by a window cleaner friend of mine that it’s a great place to start if you only have a little bit of money to invest.

Do you guys like residential cleaning or prefer commercial stuff?

hey brightview thats really expensive
i got my di tank 1/2 cubic foot and resin plus handheld tds for $660 which i thought was a great deal now a 25 ltr bag of resin only costs me $250 so $1 a ltr of resin
ive been using my system for the last 3 months and im still returning 0ppm
i must admity i really looked into a few options and i just thought the cartride system would be very expensive
does your ro system have a pump or tap pressure ?

hi denden
i like a mixture of both residential is great for the cashflow side of the business but the money is in commercial
likewise i started with shopfronts and houses still do shopfronts 3 days a week in the morning 7-9am

it does have a pump, however I have not had to use it yet as the tap pressure has been plenty. I am hoping that having an RO system it will pay for itself with the reduced amount of DI used. I very nearly did build my own, however I thought the Ionic set up would look more professional when on site.
I agree regarding residential/Commercial - the residential is good for cash flow whilst the commercial pays better, I do have a small shop run one morning a week but I am thinking of ditching it as its very tying.

I’ve not had the best luck with shop fronts so far - although i have not put much time into them yet.

I spent 4 hours last week working the local area and only got the thumbs up from two shopfronts. I was a little disappointed although i did get a lead for a residential property i am chasing up.

Does anyone have and advice for getting into the shopfront market?

dont give up
just when u think its over you start to get calls
i use a small flyer displaying my logo,details and the price of the clean
and just leave it under their windows in the morning
i have picked up over 100 shops this way
but the better money is in domestic
put an ad in your local paper make sure you pay extra to get in the top 3
and then u will start to get calls

Hi Mate
I am In Newcastle NSW

Hi Mate
You Post card is that our willie?


im new in here and new to cleaning. in queensland you have to complete 30826QLD course before they will let you operate a swing stage scaffold.



Hey Mark… Where do you get your resin from? I use DI also and am looking for a cheap supplier of resin.

Does a Kiwi count?

Depends if he was taught :slight_smile:

Any Aussies still on here?