Anybody ever known of a squeegee dislodging fd?

if a window with fd was washed without using any scrapers, could the glass be scratched by the mop or squeegee or rag dislodging some fd?

Not FD but if sand or other grit is trapped by the strip washer you could get a scratch from one of those.

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would a sand scratch have a comet shape like an fd scratch or would it look different?

What’s the full story here?

If you mean where the particle is still embedded then I’d say it’s unlikely. Are you the first one to clean these windows?

the full story:

estimatd the customers windows,noticed they were old castle. got the job. i used no scrapers to do the wash, mentioned nothing to them about fabricating debris, then got called back because they said there were scratches on the glass. i told them i thought thescratches had been there before and they were just noticable now that the window was clean. i educated them abotu fabricating debris and explained that i used no razors to do ther glass becasue I suspected it was there and that this was probablly the reason they got scratched in the first place. i am positive i didn’t scratch the glass, i just need to make this customer know that too. they wondered if aybe the squeegee or strip washer might have done it, but i think it highly unlikely. i wash my srip out pretty often, and i have never heard of the soft cleaning tools scratching windows. i never dripped my strip on the ground or anythng like that to pick up a large sand particle and the dust and dirt particles that are small enough to be airborne and then stick to glass aren’t hard enough to scratch a tempered glass window. i told them they didn’t have to pay until they were convinceed that it wasn’t me, so im looking for ways to prove I didn’t do this. I thought maybe if the scratches were comet shaped it might prove they were done previously with a razor.

You only used a strip washer and squeegee? No other tools such as steel wool or white pads?

What, if any, construction debris was present?

What type of material is the building constructed of (stucco, wood, etc.?)

Are the windows with scratched all tempered? Are there any non-tempered windows scratched?

Have you examined the windows with a 10X magnifying glass to verify whether the scratches are consistent with those caused by fabricating debris?

Did anyone clean the glass before you?

I don’t know what I can say that will help with your present issues, but use this as a experience as a learning tool for your future customers, do detailed inspections and take notes of any damage that you see and write them down on your estimate sheet, as well as invoice, take photos if needed, and show the customer any issues you may find during your estimate, back up all the issues you see, and on your estimate and invoice sheet list the problems that we often come across when cleaning windows as well as other services you offer. Get some signed waivers in place for your services.

Not since this owner bought the house around 5 years ago. one previous owner. i think they had been post construction cleaned because there was no mortar, paint, etc. house is abt 10 yrs old. so to answer your question, I don’t know, but i think so