Anyone deal with janitorial brokers?

I got a email today from a building maintenance and janitorial company. I think they are a brokerage company wanting to know if I’d be interested in joining.

I didn’t call them yet, I wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this or know anything about the company,

Commercial Janitorial and Building Maintenance Solutions they are not just in my area. they have places all over.

I don’t deal with a brokerage, but I deal with a few janitorial companies. If you’re just starting out as a window cleaning busiess owner, I’d suggest you get in with a Cleaning Company. They have lots of contacts & you can grow quickly. That’s for commercial window cleaning, not residential.

Great Advice!

being new in business, you don’t want to get involved with service brokers

yeah I’ve come to the conclusion (thanks to all the posts on this forum) that I should steer clear of such places. so should everyone from the sounds of it.