Anyone do airport work?

I was just flying out of Denver, and saw an absurd amount of glass. Do airports hire out companies, or do they hire in house?

Pay any good?

I was at salt lake airport today and was wondering the same thing I hope someone has some experience with it?

Local big shot who loves to tell tales once told me he landed it.

Always seen maintenance guys doing it.

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I used to do the tower at our local airport. The company I worked for had a contract for janitorial for the tower and all the offices. We had to apply to the Fed Gov. The pay was ok.

I was looking at the ATC tower at DIA, and it seems like an awkward clean on overhanging glass. Drop with a fifi and pulley rig and ascenders, or WFP from a big lift?

I want to do one of those people movers just because it’s the most ridiculous two handed straight pull around!

I used to work at Detroit metro airport as a aircraft mechanic and they use the janitors to clean. One of the big deals is getting airport ids with ramp access. So for the price not worth it

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Flight benefits?

The last company I worked for was subcontracted to clean the local airport glass, much of the work had to be done after hours, one day one guy bumped a plane with a scissor lift, shit hit the fan.
As a subcontractor you don’t generally get any employee benefits, most times the janitorial companies will have the contract to provide all cleaning whether or not they hire someone to work for them full time cleaning bits here and there or they sub it out.
Many times the building management will not be satisfied with the janitorial companies results on maintaining the glass, this is where the good money is as the janitorial company is not taking its %, this being said most commercial stuff here is just under a blanket cleaning contract with a janitorial company, in smaller regional area janitorial companies are not always willing to sub out windows to real professionals, or when they do since they are only charging $35/hr they don’t want to pay my rates.

We do airport work. We have two international airports in the panhandle of Florida. The background checks are crazy intrusive. We get checked by some alphabet agency monthly. We have to carry 5 million of liability and 1 million bond. Currently, they are paying enough to make it profitable.

We do the airport in Phoenix, AZ. Sky Harbor.

It’s big, lots of work, lots of lifts, lots of guys, and all at night. It doesn’t freeze here, so working in December - March at night is PERFECT!