Anyone do carpet cleaning?

I was thinking of offering the service over the winter since our condo building desperately needs it.

  • how much do you charge?
  • what should I know about it?

No but I know about 30 to 36 cents per square feet is the rate!!!

I did carpet cleaning for 10 years, 13 years ago. There’s a lot to know, much more than window cleaning. Chemicals to match fabric, dry times, chemicals for pet stains, how much water to use (it varies by fabric). I love window cleaning.
If I got back into it again I would specialize in area rugs, Persian, Afghan, Native American, all done at a shop, not in the house. Dragging hoses and moving furniture…FTS.


yeah I would NEVER do residential…I’ve been wanting to cut our interior residential work because of the hassle that comes with moving stuff…

I was thinking of doing the carpets in our condo building. I know the management and they desperately need it. Brand new carpet in a new build and already so horribly stained. I guess I’ll have to do some research… I was just going to rent a carpet cleaner from the hardware store and use whatever they recommend…the standard is really low with this management lol This is what you want. Make sure it has heat, some don’t. Anything smaller and you will just work too hard. Also, check out Procyon chemicals for cleaning, they clean really well and leave no residue which attracts more dirt.