Anyone doing ultrasonic blind cleaning?

I’m looking at adding ultrasonic blind cleaning and wanted to know if anyone can give me any advice. I’m doing research and everyone wants to sell u a ultrasonic cleaner and training. And they r all bad mouthing each other trying to sell their. System and training. I just want some honest advice

I do mostly blind cleaning. What do you want to know.

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Go to check out their used equipment. They have a Hessonic 8 foot unit for sale. This is the same one I use. It will be the only one you’ll need. You can use this as a mobile unit it at the shop. Omegasonics would probably be the next best…stay away from Morantz, they will try to sell anything they can to you.

Are planning on doing mostly hard surface blinds or fabric?

Training is a good idea, there can be a huge learning curve. You don’t want to damage a customers Hunter Douglas Luminette (replacement cost is about $3k to $5k) Go to they have training near Chicago for about $600.00. I think the machine above comes with training (not sure), they are in Washington state.

Pm me if you need more info.

Boston Window & Blind Cleaning

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The advice I was give a long time ago is if you get into blind cleaning, you instantly become a blind repairman… No thanks


The company I used to work for used ultrasonic blind cleaners. They work well for most circumstances.

Would you say it’s a good venture if I was already selling hunter Douglas blinds and know how to repair them?

Yes we plan on doing repairs also. Everyone has said the same thing you can’t clean if u don’t repair. No worries. In our market we can charge more because no one is doing mobile or even answer their phone or returns phone calls.


Why not ?
Now you have a repair charge an a cleaning charge , then you leave a window cleansing estimate.


I do ultrasonic blind cleaning. I’ve been working on putting together training for any window cleaner who is interested in adding the service, including equipment purchase (which can be quite steep, but worth it.) And yes, with blind cleaning comes blind repair, typically. But, that’s not a bad thing. I can restring a blind in 5-10 minutes and make $40 these days, not including on site charges and there are almost always multiple repairs for each customer. It’s my bread and butter during the winter months.

I live in an area with 3-4 other competitors and have essentially cornered the onsite blind and window cleaning market within 2 years, going on my 3rd. I haven’t cornered the window cleaning market (there are around 40 businesses in my area), but add blind cleaning and blind repair and you will have no problem up selling window cleaning.

Any questions, shoot them my way. I really want to help make this service a great addition to window cleaning businesses. I’ve made enough mistakes to know what to do and not to do :slight_smile:

A little background. I’ve been cleaning windows for ten years and blind cleaning for 2 going on 3. Blind cleaning is the only way I can be competitive and fill a niche that is apparently unfulfilled.

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yes, definitely.

i looked at a little when starting. could look again.

What area are you located in? Do a google search for competitors and see what you find.