Anyone else do gutters? Gutterstuff?

Hey all. With a select few customers I will upsell gutter cleaning. Mostly roofs I’m comfortable walking on if it’s too high for the vac. Anyway… one customer in particular asked me what I would charge to install GutterStuff while I was up there. I charged $4/foot at about $600 profit.

He told me the last quote he got for gutter guards was $7000. If you’re doing anything like this what do you charge?

It was easy to do and didn’t take a ton of extra time. I made good money, but the customer didn’t bat an eye at the cost and then told me about the $7k.

$7000 is insane


That’s what I said. They had wire mesh on but they were just clipped on. Came off easy.

Not yet! But planning to do the stuff soon!

The drop in style versus a gutter helmet style very different options for gutter guards.

Very simple add-on for the drop-ins but you are also eliminating NE future gutter cleaning service if that matters

They don’t eliminate future visits, we have several customers that have us come out to brush them off and make sure everything is still flowing right.

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@clevermonkey nailed it. These guards still have to be washed out and the gutters hosed out, but apparently it’s like 2 years according to the reviews.

This one job was worth about 4x what I would charge to upsell gutter cleaning on this particular house. I don’t advertise gutter cleaning. Only for current customers and only if I’m there to pressure wash. I’m okay with delaying service until these things need washed out because something will definitely need pressure washing by then as well. If anything these are just delaying a larger ticket.

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You might want to be careful with these. We have removed them for a couple of customers because they really clog up fast. Especially pollen season (at least around here). The ones I have removed, have collapsed into a U shape from the weight of wet debris. It may have something to do with the sun beating them and drying them out, that causes it. I had a few pictures I will try to find.
All around crappy guards after a year or so.

The last job we removed them, the customer said she thought they had gone out of business because she was trying to get them to honor some type of warranty associated with the guards. No answer when she called. Might have been a different company or maybe a local company repping the product.

A couple of links that have pictures: Hopefully I can find those pictures in my computer

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Good to know. Thanks!

As much as the gutter guard type companies advertise on TV, I figured it must be a high margin item, but 7K sounds crazy.

Remember when Rainflow was a thing?!


We have installed these, when installed flush with the top of the gutter the debris blows off. I’ve had some that have been installed for 10 years and have not needed to be brushed off blown out anything, maybe our install methods are different

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Even the Gutter Guards etc. seem to leave a shelf for leaves to collect upon. Not sure there will ever be a total eliminiation of gutter cleaning services.