Anyone else struggling with Tucker hybrid brushes shedding bristles?

I’ve gotten one replacement brush from Tucker/RHG for this issue. The replacement brush shed just about as bad as the first one. Right now I’m just dealing with it. But it’s a major pain to try and rinse loose bristles off the glass and siding. Sometimes they wedge themselves in muntins or window frames and just won’t budge.

Anyone know if this issue has been addressed yet in their manufacturing process?

(FYI, I use warm water, probably around 90°F. But I’ve had this issue just running cold water, as well.)

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I don’t get shedding unless the brush is older 6-9 mos of heavy use and filaments start falling apart at ends, probably from UV damage in back of truck in sun whole time

but no issues when new

They did this straight out of the box :man_shrugging:

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I have a new Tucker full boars hair brush and having the same problem. I was told it would stop eventually. So far it hasn’t happend and it is a pain having hairs stuck on the frame and the extra finsing


Full boar hair brush shedding for me too. Just got into using a WFP and figured it was normal. My brush is about 3 weeks old.

You might be intrested in checking out the new XERO brushes.