Anyone got a raincoat I can borrow?

Dude, we need it, but its screwing up my mosquito schedule.

June has been terrible when it comes to business so far. How about you?

Lol. F the bugs I hate em when I’m working. I carry 2 cans of bug spray in the van now.

June’s been good, this whole years been good.

Steadily working 5 days a week and some evenings in NY.

But it’s only me, no crews to worry about :sweat_smile:


Whenever we have a long stretch of rainy days, we reach out to some of our customers several weeks from now and ask if we can come early to “get your insides done and out of the way”. Many will take us up on it. Then in a week or so you will only be finishing up outsides. That might help you not get too backed up on the schedule. Maybe that will help a little.

Same here , and it hasnt rained steady at all yet.
I’ve got it all done so far. Knock wood
Unless it says 90% I usually just ignore it , and go as if it’s not even an issue. Anyone calls I tell them we work in the rain as long as it’s not pouring. Rain will not have and effect on quality of work, but if it’s down pouring it makes it miserable to work in.

June has been great. Hasn’t been crazy hot , and the rain hasn’t effected me at all.

Praying the cool weather lasts a bit longer :pray:

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The humidity is here, and it was down pouring this morning right when I was about to leave. It stopped , and didn’t rain one drop the rest of the morning. :fist_right::fist_left: got it all done :white_check_mark:. It’s 2pm and still not raining , but it’s cloudy .

We’ve settled into a pattern here in NEPA. Basically, Monday and Tuesday are good and Wed-Fri are rainy. Even weekends have been a crapshoot. I’m running out of wiggle room quickly to reschedule rained out appts.