Anyone have any Channels, Handels, etc. for sale?

Have any channels and other window cleaning stuff collecting dust? I just started out. I have a 26" Channel, 18", 18" Scrubber, Scrapper, 3 Handles. Let me know what you got.

Sure heres one one for you. This is just how I prefer my sorbos bent and in the garbage.

Scrap aluminum should be recycled, not thrown away.

I don’t think the average person knows where to recycle scrap aluminium. I mean many communities including mine has a city recycling pickup, but that’s for pop cans and other stuff, I don’t think they would take bent

Oh yeah thats what meant…

You might want to check the list of items that your city accepts in that recycling bin – it should include paper, cardboard, plastics, metals, etc.

BTW, I was in the industrial scrap recycling industry in the San Francisco Bay Area for ~20 years, starting at age 19.

Part of me always wanted to work in the scrap yard. Looks like fun and it looks like quite an operation. I love seeing whole junk cars being picked up with the claw and being flung onto a heap of metal 2-3 stories high. I can’t wait to bring my son to see.

We end up breaking 5 or 6 aluminum ladders a year. We have this spot we put them out front and these scrap hauler guys come by and take them…I think they mentioned being able to get 20+ a piece for you average 32 footer.


[QUOTE=sethfenster;10092]You can get some good $ for aluminum at the scrap yard. But if you just put it on the curb for your recycling pick up you lose out. Wouldn’t an aluminum squeegee channel qualify as “other stuff”?

I can’t find aluminum squeegees on this list. Can you?

Most households don’t have a squeegee to recycle (brass, stainless steel, or otherwise.) But, they are recyclable.

They can’t list everything; just use common sense.

remember, your local trash hauler must divert a certain percentage of solid waste away from a landfill – and they want to do it so it generates a profit.

Many communities have sort ALL trash.

Make up your mind – one minute you’re saying people don’t know where to recycle aluminum, and the next you’re saying it’s so obvious.

I don’t think they would accept a squeegee for recycling.

I was just replying to your wisecrack.

I’m pretty sure that the bluebox (recycling bin) doesn’t recycle squeegees. So beyond that I didn’t know where to recycle squeegees. Not that I care, I usually toss them (I don’t go thru them that often)

It wasn’t a wisecrack.

Why not try – then you will know for sure.

Check your yellow pages under “Recycling.”

Ouch! Well, if your going to throw them away, throw them my way. I’ll recycle the bent ones for you. I’ll even pay the shipping.