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So my website needs a huge revamp. I feel like I’m missing a lot of work because people are visiting my site, and I am picking up one or two responsibids a month, but I feel like for the amount of people that are visiting and not doing anything while they are there tells me I need a better system. is found in the “apps” section for Housecall Pro users, and they charge $520, $345 for setup and $175ish a month to maintain the site.

They sent me a handful of the sites they have built, and they are really sharp looking and load and play really well with both desktop and mobile.

I am not running conversions on my site or anything else really that I should be, mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to get it up and running.

Has anyone here had a site built by them, and if so, how long has it been up, and are you seeing any results/dramatic improvements from it?

here is a couple of their sites they sent me that they have built:

I don’t know if the hyperlinks work since I copied them from email, so copy/paste if they don’t.

And my site:

I’ve been told it’s too wordy and not enough pics (or any pics, for that matter). I wanted to stay away from the generic close-up squeegee against a heavily soaped window, the cartoon character in overalls with a broom handle with a squeegee on the end of it, pictures of picture-perfect houses with manicured lawns that are stock photos and not even clients of that particular company.

I LOVE our site from NiceJob! We signed up with them during the Huge Convention last year, so our site has been up about 7 months. We didn’t have a site before so no way to make a comparison of results from new vs old. I do feel the site has had a very positive impact on our business, and the feedback we get from customers about the quality of the site is very good.


I have no answers for you but more questions.

I was considering responsibid after I built my site which I am in the process of but you are making me rethink that.

So they build and maintain your site for that price?

Hey @CSteez, yes we build, maintain, host, and include all your updates for that price. Our sites are guaranteed to convert at least 4% of visitors into qualified leads, which is close to double the industry average conversion rate. And in actual practice, most of our sites convert between 6-10%+. Drop us a line anytime at if you have questions or reach out to our chat widget on and we’d be happy to help you out!



Mind if I/we can take a look at your site to see how it looks?

Responsibid is a great customer converter, it’s a sales person for you 24/7.

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I think you already have :wink: It’s on the list you gave- Connor Window Cleaning.