Anyone have experience with the Petzl Podium?

I’m in the market for a new chair. I’ve always had the traditional padded bosuns chair, but I like the look of the Petzl Podium. I have a nice Petzl seat harness I really like, not 100% sure if it would connect to the podium like its supposed to, but if the podium is good I would also get the corresponding harness.

Just wondering: Will the podium support the weight of a full bucket on the side? Is it comfortable enough for an hour or so on a drop? Is it totally rigid or does it bend and conform to your butt? Will the material hold up or would a wood chair be more durable?

Thats the part that looked kind of goofy to ME.
-Id like the bucket attachment closer to the bottom, center of gravity.

What worries me is the single point of attachment on the side of the podium. With a bosuns chair you have the two snap link hooks far apart, they spread out the rope handle of your bucket to keep it out of the way, and distribute the load.

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