Anyone heard of these folks?

Recently I have received a few requests to post my business with a company called Thumbtack. Sounds like an Angies list type of thing. You post your information and rates and they forward jobs to you. Not sure what the cost or obligation is. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with them before I call them. I don’t want them hounding me unless it’s a good deal. Here’s a link. - Find and book trustworthy local services

I receive an email from them maybe once per month. Haven’t had a chance to look into it but someone posted on here they are servicemagic competitor.

There was a post about them awhile back… I signed up. It’s free, and easy to do. Seems like a pretty cool service – you get emails letting you know there’s a lead, and can choose whether to accept it – if you do, it’s either $4 upfront regardless of whether you win OR you can opt to pay a 12% commission (could be off on that #, but it’s a percentage)

I’ve only had two leads come through in about 2 months… declined one, paid $4 for the other and never heard back. Worth having around though. They don’t spam me or anything either, which is nice.

I guess I was fearing it was a groupon kind of deal. The email was saying they were looking for gutter cleaners. There was no mention of window cleaning.

I registered or something. I get emails once in awhile and honestly haven’t really checked it out seriously.

i signed up for a flat rate of $12 a month with unlimited leads. last month got 4 leads and landed one.

It’s worth the $11.99 a month (it is now $11.99 per lead if you
do not go monthly). Even if you land just one job per month, it’s
way worth the price of 2 value meals at McDonalds.

Thanks for the replies. I am going to do it.