Anyone here pressure wash screens?

I am looking for advice/procedure of pressure washing screens. Do you use any type of soap or just the water pressure? Do you still scrub it with your solution and a t-bar? Any wipe down then? Thanks.

I think it’s over kill myself but some guys do it. I will use my pressure washer on screened in portches tho. Window Cleaning Louisville Ky

I don’t have a PW with me unless I actually have a job for it that day, but when I have had it out I’ve found they do a great job on [I]sturdy[/I] screens.

I do sometimes. Soap does seems to help break-down the dirt. If you don’t use soap the screens could turn out streaky looking. Stack them, spray down with tide, then wand them. Set aside to dry, I don’t usually have to wipe them down.

You guys must have sturdy screens in your neck of the woods. Out here in the land of the sun, the screens seem to get brittle pretty quick. I’ve busted screens just lightly wiping with a t-bar so I think I would pass on the PW. I think I would carve them all up like a Jack-o-lantern if I used my PW. Then again I’m new with pressure washing so I may lack the finesse (sic) of a pressure washing expert.


For regular bug screens i think it is a over kill … But as far as pressure washing ( SUN SHADE SCREENS/ SUN SCREENS ) The pressure washer works awesome.The water pressure from homes just seems not to cut it … Leaving soap in the webbing. So i do use the P.W for sun screens. I still scrub them down with a medium stiffness bristle brush with the tide and pressure wash them off and they come out great.
Never tore threw one yet since i use the wide span nozzle and keep at a safe distance.

I’ve used power washer on sunscreens before and with no better result than the hose. I bought a power jet nozzle (as seen on tv) its a metal extension of the hose basically which allows you to spray the screens from up close with more pressure than if you were to use a standard nozzle from normal distance.
The bad side of my PW is that it has very low Gallon per minute rate and PW’s that do have a good G/M rate are heavy and expensive.
Therefore I had to downgrade to a hose and basically pre spray sunscreens then brush them with a solution and spray them down.
It takes time to pre soak, scrub and rinse the screens I wish there was a simpler way.

Pressurewasher and Tbar are both good. And I think it depends on the condition of the screens.

We actually used to do this on every job. Each truck carried one of those $99 electric power washers and one guy would gather up all the screens in the drive and wash them and they would dry in the sun. Once I found Winsol though, we just started cleaning them with that. Saves time and money for us.


I’ve never felt water pressure was needed to clean screens. A scrub down with some soap and a soft bristled brush, and a good rinse works for us.

Jus’ now com’n across this thread, wished I had found it sooner.
A few months back I went to quote a wc job, asked the lady who did the art work on the screens :confused:
She replied, why my husband did; he thought it would be easier to clean while they where still on the house.
I sold her on new screens while I was there … wish I had my camera then.

A far as cleaning them, I pop 'em out and use Screen Magic!
Spray 'em, wipe the screen and then the frame.
Screen MagicJust spray it on… and your done!

Simple as that …



what about getting oil based stain off porch screens. Anyone tried power washing that off?