Anyone in CT willing to train me?

Hello all, i was wondering if anyone would be interested in showing me the ropes/ training me with the basics. I would be willing to pay for your time. I live in CT

Thanks again

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Not sure if you contacted @TheWindowCleanse, if I remember correctly he was interest in speaking to you a few weeks ago from another thread you started.

Good luck on finding someone to get you trained up.

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Maybe Google some local WC’s in your area and see if they want seasonal help for the spring time. Then you can get trained and have somebody paying YOU.


I have called a few, so far I haven’t been successful. I work a full time job from 7:00-3:30 so when I tell them I’m willing to work after work and on weekends they tell me they don’t regularly work on the weekends mostly Monday threw Friday and they work until 4:30 so there wouldn’t be enough time after work. The other business told me
He was small and wasent looking for help at the moment. I wanted to work part time with someone but Due to my job I feel that would be hard and most companies won’t hire me. Which is why I was willing to pay someone for there time to meet up a few
Times and show me the ropes.

Yeah, your full time hours are when most window cleaning companies operate.

I would suggest to start pounding the pavement and selling storefronts after work to get your feet wet, then start transitioning your job over once you get a good chunk of regular customers.