Anyone in the chamber of commerce?

I am considering a chamber membership and am wondering if anyone would recommend doing so. I know there is not a single window cleaning business in the one I may be joining. So I’m hoping it can be worth the investment.

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I considered it until I found out how expensive it is. No idea how effective it is either so I passed.

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It’s worth it…

I have been apart of numerous Chambers… some are good, some are nothing but a social club. I did receive a $5000 account last year from my local chamber. If nothing else it gives you credibility with your market. I would put their logo on your website if you do join.

I have wanted to join one since 2010.

Spoke with several service business’ that are local and most say it generates about 20ka year for them. Not great for the time involved but local sales.

Our’s has a lot of winery and brewery reps there. 2 of them are huge places and landing a single service from them would be great

If was operating my business in 1950 then the chamber is a good idea :slight_smile:

I just joined a realtor assoc. on Thursday and I’ve gotten 2 calls for separate office buildings for their Windows to be cleaned inside/ out. It cost $300 to join but I’ve all ready made $250 from those 2 jobs. That’s all I got to say 'bout that.

How do you join? You have to be a realtor or can any Joe Schmoe join? All my calls coming in the last couple weeks have been from realtors or those putting home on market.

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Talk to a realtor and find out when they hold their meetings. This one I’m in meets weekly, others are monthly and so on. Show up at their meeting and ask them if you can can be an affiliated member and if you can introduce yourself at their next meeting.


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I got a new member discount was advertised on there website just joined and the 2nd day already got 3 jobs.

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When I owned my window cleaning company, I was a chamber member. I was a member for 12 years. When I would attend their lunches, I would pick up a new customer at every lunch without trying. Sometimes, the new customer would bother me while I was eating. They would have over 200 people attend the lunches. The one thing I have told others is don’t expect other chamber members to automatically start using you. Many members are skeptical of people who just join, but once they see you a couple of times, they loosen up and you will start picking up customers. You will also be getting information about new retail stores opening and other commercial entities coming to town before any other window cleaner. This gives you the jump on contacting them and being a member of the chamber, it give you creditability. Hope that this helps out.