Anyone know where to buy cheap workers comp insurance?

I live in Virginia and my reading of the workers compensation laws is that I very well might need to buy some workers comp insurance soon. I currently have one guy who works with me a lot as an independent contractor, and I have a few other independent contractors who work with me once in a while (to be clear, they are actual independent contractors, not “independent” contractors). But Virginia state law says that even an independent contractor must be counted when you are determining how many people to buy insurance for, sometimes even if they already have their own insurance. I’ve been looking at quotes, but they are all really high… like 10%+ of estimated payroll. I’ve heard that some companies offer pay as you go insurance but can’t seem to find them or they don’t cover window cleaners. I never send people who work with me over 6 ft. off the ground, and I always put cones up around hoses and stuff, so I don’t ever plan on using the insurance. Do you guys know of any company I could work with that might offer super cheap insurance? Thanks.

P.S. here is a link to the VA state workers compensation commissions’ FAQ’s on who needs insurance in case anyone feels like torturing themselves with legalese:

And if that doesn’t work:

ONe employer said the worst injury and most costly and lengthy work comp case was someone on a 6 ft step ladder

Interesting… thanks for relaying that information.

What was the employee doing, backflips?

mid 2000’s story I heard on the radio (I believe) high rise guy fell 18 stories. Broken ribs, wrist and a little more.

Then there is the guy who fell off a 4 step ladder and hit his head on a in a bathroom and was wheel-chair bound.

lower rungs, slipped inbetween steps and messed up ankle real bad. probably twisted and a fall backward breaking ankle bones is best i figure involved. freak thing, but freak things happen unfortunately

It is definitely cheaper if the insurance company knows you only do ground level cleaning. It can be categorized as janitorial. 10% is about what I pay. What a racket…charging % of payroll.