Anyone run into this before?

Anyone ever climb into a balcony and after starting to clean realize you are in an owls nest? I woke him up I guess. First clue he was there was the little bones covering the ground. The stench when he moved because I woke him up was the other clue. I have lazy workers to thank for not locking the door or I’d be totally Screwed. Place is empty other than a stem cell research place and a vets office. I wasnt going near there again or id have better pics of the guy. But I got one from across the parking lot when he perched on the roof above his nest. Never Even considered this could be an issue. I’m still shaken up.

The stench of the owl is something I will never forget. It was horrible.

He’s hard to see because I was so far and camera on phone isn’t the best.

Has anyone had anything like this happen? The :owl: was freaking huge.

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Are you afraid of birds or something?

A huge owl, yeah. They can do serious damage with their talons.

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Unless you are messing with their babies, they are more scared of you, then you are of them.

Great horned owls don’t hunt big game. So, you are too large to look like lunch.

owls no…

there are a couple of big red hawks in town that like to ride the thermals and end up six feet behind you, hovering when I’m on the stage…

A big bird looks much bigger when you run the squeegee across the glass and that reflection appears…

especially when it’s close enough to see they’re eyes moving around watching you…

I’ll work on photo’s… I’ve always been more impressed than scared.

I have been in barn’s. And, yes, owls do have a scent.


Since there was a nest, then yea, a bird of prey like an owl can be a dangerous encounter. Birds “nest” for one reason and they will protect their young 'uns.

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Petegrine falcons here, they nest and feed on the tops of high buildings very territorial.

Guys have had stiches from being hit by them.

Just be glad you weren’t in Australia. Going by news articles down under, who knows what the owl would have done?


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Just be glad it wasn’t an antelope.