Anyone selling your rolling roof rig?

I would like to buy a used rolling roof rig. I’d prefer within 8 hrs of Las Vegas.

That was a desperation request, if I’ve ever seen one…
Hope you find what your looking for. Tick tock,

you know it! lol :laughing:

Whatcha trying to do ?

brake my neck!!! lol. Tall 4 story building. The windows are really nasty, not cleaned for 3 years and the WFP may take more work than it is worth to get them them right.
I hired a new helper that did high rise for 20 years but there are no safe tie offs roof top and the parapet is all SOFT stucco. Running crazy! lol :slight_smile: Tis the season.
@JfromtheD you’re mostly right. I can get away without it this time but next time it’ll make it much easier. This is the first of 6 buildings to do each twice annual.

Can’t boom lift?

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all the awp 40’s are rented out from the 4 rentals I called. The entrance to the courtyard is 35.25" they did not plan this place for cleaning! One is available next week, but the owner is as patient as a starving heyena standing over an orphaned baby gazelle.

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Just a thought, but you will likely spend just as much time learning on a new peice of equipment and moving it as you would setting up two poles and going at it. You could use the alpha scrubber, or make a soap injector, use hot water, or a combination and just scrub really good with dwell time. Plus, you’ll come away looking like you became a gym rat.

lol, we did 80% of the job today with two poles and boars hair burshes. I came away feeling like a mauled street rat! I need to up my WFP game after reading your suggestion!

I don’t use all those things most of the time, and using soap lowers the surface tension so there can be more runs/drips, but sometimes that is what needs to be done. I think hot water, dwell time, and the occasional bronze wool (or alpha scrubber would likely be faster as long as it worked in the situation) will cover about 98% of what you would encounter on a standard commercial clean. I don’t know that you need to step up your game, I don’t feel like I know a ton about it, just have learned by researching on here and using what I thought would work. I hope it helps. Wfp on a big building was actually the turning point this year for me to decide to move more toward pressure washing and getting employees as its just too brutal! Im glad it worked out for you though in the end.

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10 hrs later and about 30,000 strokes and I’m tuckered out. thanks for the input.

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This is a pretty old post but please reply if you still have your roof rolling rig I’m in Denver and want to buy it

Please send me your phone number so I can go and take a look at it today