Anyone still using screen magic or speedy screen

I don’t care for screen magic. But is anyone still using these products? Do you use it as up sale or part of regular screen cleaning?

I never understood using that stuff. It smears the glass after a good storm, and don’t really work on metallic screens. Seems to me it makes more of a mess and takes more time than is worth the investment. Just my opinion.

I know first hand about the transfer problem. Now I have five gallons of that crap in my garage. But it did make the screens look like new. I have talked to the maker of speedy screen and said their product doesn’t have that problem. The products are easy to apply and screens look way better than using just soap and water. Can any validate speedy screen, I don’t want to waste more money on something that doesn’t work.
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It has it’s place and is definitely useful… just for solar screens. Everything else I either brush or wash with a hose. I up-charge for solar screens and use speedy screen exclusively. Definitely makes it look like new. I’m in good ol dry-as-a-bone Cali so chemical transfer after rain isn’t much of a concern so far.

Between screen magic and speedy screen I definitely prefer speedy screen. I did a test on two of my screens with each chemical. Initial clean is the same but screen magic must be static-y because it is attracting a lot of lint months later. Speedy screen is cheaper and doesn’t have that problem.

I don’t like using those products for window screens, but for screened in porches I think they’re great.

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Love the speedy screen. If u want they sell a 1 gallon concentrate pretty cheap so u can test it out. I know they are coming out with a speedy screen silver for aluminum screen cleaning to remove the aluminum corrosion that happens with these screens

Doc when you use it do you keep a soaked strip washer to apply to screens or do you spray it on to screen and go.

Just wondering if anyone can tell me where I can buy speedy screen from, I can’t find it on WCR list of products, and window cleaning world here in oz dosnt stock it, so any help would be appriciatated. Thx

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Speedy Screen - The World’s Fastest Screen Cleaner

Gr8, thx aviloria

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I have two bob o. My hip. First one is for wet strip washer to wash windows. Second one is a dry 14 " strip wash used to clean screens only. As I clean screens and enclosed patios that strip washer get wet with speedy screen and some times I don’t need to spray the screen just scrub it with the strip washer. You can spray and go without rubbing the screen up. But ur just wasting product. When I have to clean screens behind decorative steel doors i will spray they down until they are soaking wet and walk away. I’ll get $25 to $35 for a door. So it’s worth using a couple bucks worth of products vs ur time trying to get in behind all the ornamental crap

FYI. If you are planning on turning any of these jobs into repeat customers beware. Every screen product that I know of will make the windows super hydrophobic when it gets transferred to the glass from rain. Problematic for WFP.


I can deal with the hydrophobic aspect. screen magic leaves an oily residue on window that is difficult to get off even with squeegee

I tried speedy screen, works great at bringing screens back to life, but just recently I started going back to clients homes where I used it and it DID make the glass hydrophobic ive discontinued it now…