Anyone Tried These Glasses?

[FONT=tahoma][SIZE=3]Everybody talks about how good these glasses are to use for rock climbing.

So has anybody used these when doing WFP work?

Do they work for you?[URL=“”]

PowerNPlay USA Belay Glasses[/SIZE][/FONT]

Wow, that must take some getting used to, huh?

Those are crazy

That’s awesome, I would like to try before buy

I would drop the money for them but not sure they would work because with rock climbing you are up against the rock the entire time and with WF work you are away from the building. The further you are way from the building the lower you need to tilt your head to get the angle to see your work

They are for the person doing the belaying correct? If I remember correctly from my time in Boy Scouts the belayer isn’t right up against the rock, he’s away from the base, similar to wfp work.

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Good point i didnt really think of that. I would love to try them out for a day and if they dont work send them back.

I just completed 3 days of 3-5 story WF work and my shoulders were locked up for a couple days after. 120 bucks is worth every penny

Robinson-Solutions Professional Window Cleaning: Climbing Glasses The Perfect Fit For WFP?

I’ve seen a few cheaper versions hit the market since. I’d have to try them first, I just don’t think I’d use them enough & end up sitting on them.

I have the same concerns as you guys about whether the prism glasses are optimal for the position our heads are when looking at the the top of the WFP some 3 or 4 storeys up. These images have me convinced that one of us should at least try them. Living in Sydney Australia, I am reluctant to fork out +$100 just to test whether it will suit our purpose or not. Then again how much is a visit to the chiropractor…

The images are from the CU Belay Glasses website in the UK. I am not allowed to post URLs on this forum yet.

I’ve seen a few cheaper versions hit the market since.

[MENTION=98]karlosdaze[/MENTION] Do you have any information on theses cheaper versions?

horizontal reading glasses - Google Search Just flip 'em the other way - I think you get that option on some.

Awesome glasses

Seems like a good way to burn your retinas if not careful.


Do you have a set?

Id like a set of these:


No I don’t have a set but I used to rock climb in my younger days. These glasses would save your neck to a point. How far up can you see well would e the question I would wondering for climbing. Loosing focus etc… For WFP a little pricey unless you do consistent commercial. Cool concept though.

I tried a set of these last year and was impressed with how clear they are for the distance viewed. Takes some getting used to. To a passer by, it must look strange seeing someone looking straight ahead while washing windows with a pole extended 4 stories. About the same as when blue tooths first came out and you would just think the people on them were nuts and just talking to themselves.

wow, those are cool

Wtf ??!!

Every single wfp job. Can’t live without them. They’re my 2nd favorite piece of equipment.