Anyone use TCF's "Big Proposal" feature?

I’ve gotten a few requests this week for commercial bids (residential multi-unit properties). I haven’t done bids like this before, and have been working on a Google doc, but I want it to look professional.

Has anyone used TCF’s “Big Proposal”? If so, do you think it’s worth it? Have you noticed a difference in how people respond to it?

I don’t have a TCF account yet (budget reasons). I’m considering getting it sooner just for this feature. However, I’d like to know if it’s worth it versus drawing something up myself from scratch.

I use Jobber, it’s amazing. It’s got a higher price tag… once I upgrade I began winning much larger work.

I have also seen a lot of people using Markate, it’s $30/month I believe… looks to have similar features to Jobber

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Thank you! I should stop being stubborn about TCF (I’ve used it before and am more familiar with it) and take a look at those.

I’ve used waveapps to send estimates now got quickbooks

Waveapps is free and looks pro imo

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I’ll check it out!

i will be using the big proposal this year along with tcf online selling. i just had a tour of the new tcf ui and some of the new features. absolutely amazing. it’s not only got better and more features it has unlimited use and users for much less than the base price of others. the big proposal is basically the most advanced proposal feature i have seen and has some aspects of a digital sales room which is what the B@B community is shifting to. i like to be ahead of other cleaners ans one way i have done that is with technology like tcf quoteflare, nice job wfp moerman


maybe you should learn how to use tcf it does morw than any other iv’e and fro some reason does it for way less money. i love my locked for life price but he could certainly charge a lot more for ti

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I got a 8k library because she said I was the most personable and my Big Proposal. I’ve done free trials with all the crms people mention on here. Customer Factor smokes them and the big proposal is one reason. I love the big proposal and get a lot of compliments on it.


We have been using the Big Proposal feature on TCF for the last couple of years and close between 70-80% of jobs. It is a very professional way to send your proposal and our customer’s really appreciate all the information at their fingertips. Steve at TCF is fantastic to work with, he will answer any questions you have. Not to mention, the price cannot be beat.

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I have TCF been using it for over 4 years and like it. When are they rolling out these new updates? Will I need a walk through of it b4 using it or is it pretty similar still?


What’s your experience using quickbooks vs wave?

I’m looking at waveapps seriously since your post. Don’t want to pony up money for quickbooks.

I see they have invoices, accounting, and payment, and payroll.

I use square for payments and was wondering if you had experience with the waveapps payment piece too.

ye you can collect payments online by linking your bank account its pretty simple.

Wave and quickbooks are pretty similar im just more familiar with quickbooks and my accountant knows it better.

soryy been in hospital, just got back home. send a help ticket throught the help/contact and ask if you can get a remote control refesher session.

new ui shuld be on soon but i don’t know a date.
steve will be puttting a new toggle on the system so oncle the new ui is on you will be able to toggle back and forth in case you need time to adapt.

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