Anyone using a Jeep?

So my personal vehicle is also my work vehicle, for now. It’s a 4 door Wrangler. Definitely a trick to carrying ladders. Anyobody else using a Jeep as their main work vehicle?

I worked out of a Jeep Cherokee for many years. I had a small tank and DI vessel and reel that fit perfect. I carried the wfp on the roof rack.

One summer in Myrtle Beach I used a 1972 Jeep Commando to do route work. What a great summer that was!

I’ve also used an old military M38-A1 Jeep to residential way back when.

My favorite small vehicle I worked out of was a 72’ VW Superbeetle. I took the back of the passenger seat out so I could fit my sectional ladders in it.

Any vehicle can be a window cleaning machine as long as your creative and efficient.

Nowadays I have a box truck and an extended cargo van. So boring.


I started with my Jeep, I removed the center console and the back seat and I slid a 22 foot multi ladder up through the center. I used it as an armrest when I drove.


I use my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited as my work vehicle. I have a 26’ Gorilla ladder that fits right down the middel and rests on my console. I have all of my other tools worked in around that. Not perfect, but I’m not giving up my Jeep!

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I am using a Toyota Prius V with a ladder rack and PVC pipe to hold my poles. Has worked good so far.

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Worked out of a 1994 Cherokee for a number of years but got incredibly cramped. I took up screen repair and had to get a Sienna. Outgrowing that one too.