Anyone using a Kei Truck for their rig?

My friend and I are both considering turning Kei trucks (or something similar) into window cleaning rigs. To replace current gas guzzlers, and because I think it would be a good eye catcher.

If anyone has a similar rig I would love to see pictures and hear what your customers think.

Thank you in advance!

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Absolutely love those little bad boys. You should do it!

I have used electric bikes and funky little trailers for my wfp set up and people love it. It’s my #1 marketing tool. It’s been 8 years now.

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I do not but there is a local window cleaner who does. He does mostly store fronts. I have thought of it but I cant see putting a 24’ ladder on it and I have highway travel every day where it is often windy. Those trucks are so small it would make me real nervous. Are they street legal in your state? They are here in AZ but not every state.

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That is awesome! I’m definitely considering it.


I’m new to this forum. So hope this reply works.

I have some of the same concerns.

As far as highways and ladders go there are a few kei truck like vehicles from Japan that I am considering. They are a bit bigger but still good fuel economy.
They are legal where I’m at so that’s good!

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