Approximately Gross Income

How many of you are clearing over $100,000, $200,000 or more with window cleaning, gutter cleanings or any other service you have added.

I close to making well under $200,000 gross this year with the economy and lack of good workers.

Just wanted to see how everyone else is doing or whether I’m having poor luck this year.

Already surpassed ----k with a 1 man operation. I may break my —k record at this pace and in a bad economy.

WoW! Congrats guys.

I am no where near those numbers but I am having my best year yet.

I switched from Dawn to GG4 years ago.


According to my projections for the last 7 weeks of the season we should finish with about 43% growth this year. I won’t get into figures on the public forum.

This isn’t a “bad” economy. It’s the regular economy. The economy in the 90s and early 2000s was just artificially inflated.

Quit thinking that the economy is the problem. It isn’t. And it isn’t going to change.

Well said Michael !

I have made just about enough money this year to pay my bills

I made enough money this year to feed my 3 dogs, to buy a 20 year old van (and fix it up), to expand my inventory of equipment and to buy a 1976 31 foot airstream trailer. Once I move out of my house and into my trailer, then the real money will start building up. My business may be unimpressive to many, but I don’t owe a penny on it, not even to the phone book and I am busy enough to be working 6 1/2 days a week.

Greenj26. Then you are rich. I envy you in many ways. Not sure I can get my wife to move into a trailer but I could easily handle it.

I saw quite a cozy cardboard box this afternoon that I thought of moving into…
I am pretty sure I could get by living in the back of my truck if I had to.

I am pretty sure I could get by living in the back of my truck if I had to.

That’s why I have a van instead of a truck. One more point for vans on the “vans vs. trucks debate.” My surgical cloths piled on top of me would make for a nice blanket. I could wash my dirty dishes in my bucket with my Dawn also.

I just purchased a new truck, a new Ski Doo, and I’m going to buy a 10 pack of Scrim next week. Window business is good.

Wyoming? I owned a piece of land in Casper a few years ago. Where in Wyoming? I’m still a cowboy at heart.

my gross income?

pretty gross

Thanks for the honest answers guys (and girls?) glad to see I’m not the only one being hit here right now because at times it feels like everyone of you on the coast and elsewhere is raking it in reading at times the different posts. Well, will just continue hitting homes here this fall for gutter cleanings and my gutterstuff pro which seemingly people love even more than the rain flow just need to get 25- 50 gutter protection jobs this fall and I be happy.

Thats a good #… Did you get around that many last year Martin?

I have only lost 1 customer in the last 2 years who claimed it was a result of the economy. That customer was (drumroll please) Wal Mart. Ridiculous!

Is that 1 person meaning yourself or yourself and another? That’s great either way! Pm me.

Including some small jobs did something like in the 20’s in terms of gutterstuff pro and forget how many gutter cleanings but this year so far not as many but going out tomorrow and hitting it hard with door hangers now the leafs are falling around here