Are extension ladders backwards in the states?

Are extension ladders backward in the states?

I was looking at this pic and all 3 extension ladders have the extension part on the back. All my ladders, and every ladder I’ve ever used, it’s on the front. Maybe it’s just the make of the ladder…

btw, why aren’t you guys using those wfp’s? I don’t see a single one on your website.

I have plenty of pics of wfp use on my website. Also the ladders I use aren’t set up like the ones in the pic. They look backwards to me as well.

It’s very strange… they can’t be noobs, not the guy on the 40 that’s for sure. He looks awesome climbing up till the top of the ladder is near his knees. But the few times I’ve gone up a backward ladder, it killed my feet.

These guys shouldn’t even be using those kind of ladder.

But more important… what’s going on with the guy on the third floor?!?
Stepping off the top rung of a ladder that’s out waaay to far… walking the ledge?!?

There’s an easy/right way to do that move… and THAT ain’t it!

No, if the ledge is HUGE you can lean forward. That allows you to go higher just like a ladder stand off. I guess you really shouldn’t do that but it happens, they can’t reach the top of the window unless they do that.

There’s no reason to.

He’s got his ass end sticking out a good 3-4 feet too far… look at that angle.
I’d bet he could go over the top and do it on the ladder, or at least place it on the side and take a step with his left foot, and keep his right on the ladder.

Why be a daredevil, when he could do it effortlessly?

I don’t mean to sound argumentative, and I’m a big fan of ‘doing what has to be done.’

Just not when you have rungs to spare, on a flat level ground, in an empty parking lot…

If he went over he might have to go up the ladder twice, once for the tops and once for the bottoms, especially at that angle. Hopefully he has a footer.

edit: I bet the guy on the 24 couldn’t even reach the bottoms if his ladder was over the windows, even at his angle.

Isn’t taking a side-step off a ladder unsafe?

Ladder base is way too far away from the building for 3rd floor work. I’d be using my Tucker Pole for that 3rd floor work with those sectionals along the top. That ladder is tall enough to set up over the window and have plenty of room to do the top and bottom of the window without stepping off the ladder. Put a tapered wood tip on the end of a plunger handle for the exra few inches of reach

[COLOR=“red”]"[SIZE=“5”][COLOR=“red”][COLOR=“red”]" Son of ETTORE "[/COLOR][/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Howdy Yawl I’m Dangerous but yawl can call Dange if you like…

Mikey where did you get this image ?

I can see that people do things their own way to get the job done,and if it works well all the power to them…But if your never shown the right way, how can one ever apply that ! Being trained by a Journeymen is a big plus in what your doing. I was trained by a true Journeymen and I can say that I am one of the true [COLOR=“red”]“Sons of ETTORE”[/COLOR].

So I’ll begin by saying you can double or triple your revenue and eliminate 2 of the workers here, and then be able to put them on other accounts so they can be generating more revenue, if your TUCKER poling this building. I mean it should be a given ! This building is what Tucker poles were designed for, RIGHT ? RIGHT ! OK I’m being critical but constructively. If I were hired to be the field supervisor I would change this process. Why? Because there are better systems that are quicker, safer, more efficient and revenue generator !

There was a time that I would have laddered these windows but now that the Tucker pole can be connected to DI tanks well…[COLOR=“red”]“before this miss Tucker pole was a street walker but when she hooked up to Mr. DI she became a Lady !!” [/COLOR]

So now I’ll point out what I see wrong in how they are using their ladders,

First thing I notice was the big ladders base is to far out, this is an accident waiting to happen ! There are no obstructions at the base of the building for the need to put the base so far out ( ladder training is essential to safety ) ! Second, if he had a stabilizer bar on the ladder it looks as though he wouldn’t need to stand at the top rung ( which is a safety issue,with life on the line ) and would be able to reach the top of the windows safely. Stabilizer bars are a God send they really enhance the efficiency of your ladder !

The # 2 cleaner on the lower ladder has his ladder set correctly but he also needs a stabilizer bar to be able to work more efficiently and safely

So why do we see them working unsafely and inefficiently ? Because they are not trained properly and don’t know any better. Sure their getting the job done, but efficiently to make better revenue ? To be safe and avoid serious injury or death ? No, and it is the employers responsibility and the responsibility of each individual to work efficiently and [COLOR=“red”]SAFELY[/COLOR]. I’m sure their are those who will disagree with me, but what do I know ? I’ve only been trained by another [COLOR=“red”]“Son of ETTORE”[/COLOR],who had only 40 years of experience and now I have 31 years of hi end experience which includes me to be a [COLOR=“red”]“Son of ETTORE”[/COLOR].

One last point, the ladders do look turned around without a rope to extend them ! The guy on the larger ladder, with it turn around and with the base to far out, standing at the top rung, is in jeopardy ! We all take risks, but they must be calculated but these just seem uneducated in the proper calculations ! We all make mistakes ! I have…

What do I know I’m Dangerous (but always Safe) knock on wood ! Be safe YAWL !

The Dange


Unfortunately, I’m not always good at explaining… I blame [B]myself[/B] for people thinking I don’t know what I’m talking about. :smiley:

I meant it as more of a balance while on the ladder, not actually stepping off.

It was a link on Woodyswindows (a member here) website, I’m not sure why people with business websites offer up links to their customers to Dealers or to other window cleaning companies but it was a business called New Jerseys all county window cleaning or something like that. One of the pages has Chris Labordines name on it (and pic if I remember right) the guy that owns WCR. I didn’t realize it was his window CLEANING website, that’s why I was wondering about wfp’s not being used.

Then I saw the ladders being backward and got all side tracked, I’m a Son of Ettore and these things vex me to no end:p

We pronounce it A-Tore… not A-tor-ray

I’ve done lots of windows like this too, ladders, boom truck, roller beam but even though I only have two houses with wfp under my belt and they were both disasters (I got the top frames wet and it dripped dirty water onto the glass and looked like hell.) I know where I went wrong… I think, but I would use poles on those windows. Unless these wfp are over rated, I still have to prove they are worth it to myself.

I think I have a new method I’m going to try tomorrow. I’m going to do a whole house with a pole and tap water so I’m not worrying about my DI tank, then when all the top frames are dry, I’ll use my back pack with pure water to rinse just the glass starting one inch below the frame.

If this doesn’t work I’m done with wfp’s except for problematic windows. Both the houses I tried them on had dirty water evaporate on the window and I had to go over again traditionally. Plus they both took twice as long, I got all wet, arms were aching… long time customers too.

I think it will work though, works on MY windows.

Stand further back!

And what about my aching arms? This was murder… and I scratched up my pole and I did a crap job and I couldn’t go up and fix it because the wooden shingles got wet. I should have just done it normally right away.

Configure a sleeve or drape the gutter to protect the pole.

In my opinion thats the biggest part of the WFP learning curve, knowing when its not practical to use it.

Truer words…