Are QR codes stupid?

Yes I searched this already and most threads are old info from when QR was new and exciting. I’m designing new business cards and thought about putting a QR on them that links to my website. Is this a dumb idea? Does anyone even use them? Picture is more or less how it would look on my card

I never used one for marketing.

I had the app on my phone for about a week when they first popped up.

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I’m not a fan of QR codes. They are ugly and more cumbersome to use than just typing in a url.


learned about them here.

Nice idea, but I took the app off my phone after a week and don’t think it’s a good idea.

One guy here used them for inside his business. He had codes for everything. Employees could watch a quick video on how to or reminders of items. Best use of it I’ve heard of

I could see if you had some warehouse full of inventory to keep track of. As for me i have a back seat full of empty drink bottles and hamburger wrappers. My supplies and tools don’t even fill my truck bed toolbox. I’ll pass.

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“Are QR codes stupid”…Yes.


I’ll probably just replace the code box with a picture of my somewhat less stupid face. Lol :smiley:


Probably 90% of our customers have iPhones and other Apple devices, so I put a code on the back of our cards so they can save our vCard (complete contact info) to their address books.

I don’t have any tracking on the code (was too cheap to pay for that feature), so I have no idea if anyone uses it. But it’s on the back of a folding card, out of the way, and not detracting from anything else. Personally, I wouldn’t put a QR code on the front of a card.


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Wow that’s a very fancy card setup! I like it.

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If you use a QR code be sure to give the person a reason to use it by saying something like “scan this code now for a $25 off coupon” or “scan this code to book your appointment online.” Just putting one on the card without any explanation (like I did) is pretty worthless.


How often do you use a QR code? For me never.

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QR codes wont change your life but they can be useful in a few simple ways:

First of all, remember that they don’t only have to link to a web page (although if it does make sure it is beautifully mobile friendly)

You can use QR codes to make a phone call, send an email, add a contact card (as mentioned by @Infinity) and more.

Another cool thing is to use them on your vehicles.

Again, it wont change your life by any means but I think it can add a small element of perceived value even to people who don’t use them.

Lastly, if you run the URL you are sending people through a link you can track how many times people scan the code… Maybe at the end of the year or something.

Just my 2 cents.

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In my op, it won’t turn the tables around or anything, but it surely helps.

dude!!! “we will put back the dirt for free”?! holy shit, i cant believe you actually say that…when i initially looked at your card i was impressed and then i read “we will put back the dirt for free”. if i was a customer, in the trash it would go. why are you trying to be a wise ass when your trying to get customers? no offense intended towards you, but bad idea.

Hahaha. Yeah…

Pretty much went like this (start at 1:40):

I put it down as a joke, wife took a look at the design, thought it was brilliant.

She’s a lot more in touch with how people are, emotionally and psychologically. She has a great sense of how something will be taken, especially by our target demographic.

So far I’ve had one customer express concern over the wording. He understood that we really stand behind our work, and it was meant as a comical way of intimating that. He was just concerned for us about how other people might take it.

I might change the wording on our next batch of cards. But I don’t think this has really hurt us. Most people get a chuckle when they read it.