Are sectional ladders lighter and easier to carry than extension ladders?

My one elbow and shoulder is shot from the way i’ve been carrying extension ladders for the last 15 years. Also, the new 20 ft extension ladder I purchased has a 300lbs weight limit because my one employee is like 260lbs. I have levelers on it also so it makes it pretty heavy. It is actually heavier than my 24ft extension with 225 weight limit and levelers. I was just wondering if sectional ladders may be lighter and easier on my shoulders?

You could save some weight on the ladder by using the Pivit tool instead of levelers.

Yes because you could just carry 3 sections at a time, and then go back and get a few more. It will take you more time, but will be easier on your body for sure.

Wouldn’t 3 sections give me the same height as a 20ft. extension ladder? I am not sure what you mean by going back and getting more?

Yes 3 sections will, I didn’t know if you needed more than 20 feet. I normally carry three sections at a time, and If I need to get higher than that I will go back to the trailer and get two to three more.

I have been thinking of purchasing sectional ladders mainly for interior window cleaning. I like the extension ladders for exterior work but lunking ext ladders around on the inside of the home or around steps can be a pain. Are there any of you that use sectional ladders on staircases with the pivot tool? How are they compared to setting up say a 16 foot extension ladder on stairs?

All the time! Sectionals are the best. If you buy them for interior work I guarantee you will soon be using them outdoors as well. You’ll probably ditch the extension ladders altogether. :slight_smile:


Okay, i’m convinced. What sizes of sections should I buy? Currently, I always carry a 20ft extension and 24 extension with me everyday. However, the majority of the time the 20 footer is all that is needed for residential work. So. what does everybody recommend for size of sections to purchase? Thanks

No more than 6ft. for any of the sections or they become difficult to add and remove. You’ll also want a 4ft. mid-section. The typical setup is a 6ft. base, 6ft. mid-section, and 6ft. v-groove top, with a 4ft. mid-section. We put the lighter weight leg levelers on all our bases too.


Buy the 6 foot sections. Get a top, a base, 1 middle section, and then get a 1/2 section. This should cover you if you are only using a 20 foot ladder. It’s nice to have the 1/2 section for windows that are annoyingly in between. I believe the 1/2 = four foot. I have never used extensions for window cleaning, stackables are redonkeylips.

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4 six foot sections including a base and a v-top and one 4 ft mid section will get you just about anywhere

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Just be aware they are much different than extension ladders in many ways. They will take some time getting used.

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“redonkeylips” what?

You will absolutely love sectionals. There is a little bit of a learning curve, as mentioned. They flex a little more, and they are a little narrower than most traditional extensions. You may have to modify your ladder rack (mine fit in the back of my toyota pickup : 4 1/2 sections, 6 foot step, bucket, hose, pole, tools, etc with a closed toneau cover).

I think dangerous dave posted a pretty good vid on using them. Give them time, you will love them. And I would def. recommend buying 4 1/2 pieces: 6 ft base, 6ft top v-groove, (2) 6ft mids, and a 4ft mid, with levelers.

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sectionals are grand! I carry 4 and 1/2 sections in my van. That’s 24ft and all I need.

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Sectionals are a real Gem for Window Cleaners, designed for window cleaners ! Pretty much what Ryan an Mike , Pat Seth, Rob,Kripp-Man, J.Mullhalon are saying fits right in the groove you’d also want to buy some levelok stabilizer bars ! And some levelers for them !

Say Ryan thanks for your thumbs up on my videos…

LeveLok Open Rung Standout Bracket


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What type or brand of levelers do you recommend? Thanks

Dos Mas…


Tres Mas…


Quatro Mas/ Finito…